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January 28, 2015

$135 Billion U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 Bonds In Seizure


$135 Billion U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 Bonds In Italy Seizure ( 2009 )
by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

June 3, 2009 22:42:08

CHIASSO - June 3, 2009 - Border authorities here today detained two ( 2 ) Japan citizens [ i.e. Don Mitsuyoshi Watanabe (aka) Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10#photo=80 ) and Akihiko Yamaguchi ( http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10#photo=82 ) ] traveling by train to Switzerland with suitcase luggage equipped with a hidden bottom compartment containing 249 central bank paper certificates inscribed with "U.S. Federal Reserve Note" and "Series 1934" displaying face values of $500,000,000 million U.S. dollars each plus interest coupons [ numbered D 45184101 A and D 45184350 A ], in-addition to ten [ 10 ] other U.S. Federal Reserve Note certificate bonds believed dated during the U.S. President Kennedy Administration displaying a face value of $1,000,000,000 billion U.S. dollars each, and two [ 2 ] Japan government Series 57 bonds [ numbers: A 1306 and A 1310 ] A total of 259 United States Federal Reserve Note certificate Bonds seized totaling $134,600,000,000 billion U.S. dollars seemed bound for Switzerland.

[ NOTE: Begin viewing the complete "Slideshow" color photo presentation of all image documents surrounding this $134.6 billion border seizure case, at: http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10##photo=53 ( click: "Slideshow" ) ]

In addition to United States Treasury Federal Reserve Notes ( FRN ) there were Japan government Series 57 bonds [ http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10#photo=79 ] dated April 30, 1958.

Japan Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano addressed the public, shortly after the $134,600,000,000 billion U.S. dollars in certificates were seized, declaring the Japan government was confident about its U.S. Treasury outlook. "We have complete trust by the fact that U.S. views its strong dollar policy as fundamental," Yosano stated.

The two ( 2 ) men from Japan, caught with the $134,600,000,000 billion (USD) in U.S. Treasury Federal Reserve Bank certificate notes and bonds, not named by the mainstream news media, were:

- Don Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( also known as ) Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( PHOTO, here: http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10#photo=80 ); and,

- Akihiko Yamaguchi ( PHOTO, here: http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10#photo=82 ).

Since 1998, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) websites - and its predecessor websites - for more than one ( 1 ) decade ( over 10-years ) - has provided certain alert warning intelligence notifications to not only the global public but also global professionals on subject matters surrounding global financial instrument fraud and other serious crimes.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) websites linked to numerous official reports, private intelligence detailed reports, displayed copies of thousands of image documents of financial instrument securities and high-value assets as well as accompanying historical provenances surrounding hundreds of high-value legacy financial instruments including the infamous Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note coupon type securities certificate bonds, recently seized by federal authorities in Italy as well as throughout the rest of the world.

Unlawfully distributed high-value financial instruments, known as "Restricted Securities," have been distributed for decades by a select group of international individuals tied to radical religious fundamentalist terrorist rebels.

What remains unsolved is the fact these financial instrument distributors are either mysteriously released by various national federal law enforcement authorities, never named, and / or never charged with a crime.

According to the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, its global database of privately gathered intelligence provides information and a lengthy list of individual names involved, even some prominent Japanese men whose names, notarized signatures, and copies of their passports along with support documents accompanying these unlawfully traded legacy high-value financial instruments.

Stacks of these types of documents, that 'look convincing enough but to only untrained eyes', are packaged into Joint Venture Agreement Contracts that set forth specific terms and time periods for their placement as an illiquid paper asset - with a typical face value worth billions - to be held under management by independent offshore banks attempting to use over-inflated balance ledger sheets to buy debt obligations - that can later secure legitimate loans - from an international commercial big bank.

Financial instruments and support documents, such as these, have seen the following Japanese men named before:

- Ryutaro Hashimoto (aka) Ryutaro Hasimoto [ now-late Japan Prime Minister ];

- Sadakazut Tanigaki [ former Japan Finance Minister ];

- Takeharu Okitsu;

- Tetsuro Saito;

- Kazutoshi Okazaki; and,

- Others.

On April 24, 1998 the Japan government of Ryutaro Hashimoto announced a 16,600,000,000,000 Trillion ( $134,000,000,000 billion ) package supposed to boost nominal GDP [ Gross Domestic Product ] by 2% in 1999.

Although billed as the largest stimulus package in history, critics complained that at only 3% of GDP it was insufficient. They also said that too much was directed at public works spending ( 25% ) while too little was devoted to tax cuts.

Some contended that much of the announced $134,000,000,000 billion was actually composed of 'old programs bearing new labels' that did not actually consist of 'new spending' (aka) " mamizu ".

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party began to seriously consider an additional stimulus plan after its July 1998 Upper House election defeat signaling public dissatisfaction with Japan Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto (aka) Ryutaro Hasimoto economic policies.

Japan tried various stimulus packages in an effort to revitalize an anemic economy.

Mainstream media press releases and government agency sources ( see below ) continue claiming all seized financial instruments were nothing more than worthless fakes or fraudulently manufactured paper documents that initially appeared to be something they were not ( valuable ).

There appears to be no official news surrounding any United States of America experts that may have actually inspected the documents seized, and since there appears to have been Japan government Series 57 bonds also seized, one might imagine that Japan would want to send their own team of experts to investigate those financial instruments as well.

Interestingly, arrested for another matter was the director of a United States radio program who believed the seized bonds were real and went as far as to indicate Japan was trying to sell them in Switzerland because the United States somehow lacked the ability to honor its debt and/or confidence from other countries wishing to get paid as previously scheduled years ago.

The following news reports are a good cross-section of information surrounding the treasury reserve notes and bonds seized at the Chiasso border of Italy and Switzerland:


COURTESY: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website(s)


2 Japanese Carrying $134 Bil Worth Of U.S. Bonds Detained In Italy

June 11, 2009 06:18 AM JST ( Thursday )

ROME - Two Japan nationals were detained by Italian financial police last week after trying to enter Switzerland with $134,000,000,000 billion worth of undeclared U.S. bonds, mostly Treasury bonds, an Italian daily said Wednesday.

The Japan consulate general in Milan confirmed that the detention had taken place and said it was trying to confirm with Italian authorities whether the two were indeed Japanese nationals and their identities.

According to the report in il Giornale, two [ 2 ] unidentified Japanese [ ages ] in their 50s concealed bonds, including two hundred forty-nine ( 249 ) U.S. Treasury bonds each worth $500,000,000 million, in a suitcase with a false bottom that was searched by the Italian authorities June 3 when they were in Chiasso, at the border with Switzerland, about 50 kilometers north of Milan.

The daily did not say on what charges they have been detained, but the two may have been detained on suspicion of attempting to take a large amount of securities out of Italy without declaring it because the paper said they had not declared the bonds.

COMMENTS ( 80 ) [ read below ]:

Story / Article: "2 Japanese Carrying $134 Bil Worth Of U.S. Bonds Detained In Italy"


Posted by: grafton
Posted at: 07:23 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

"$134 billion worth of undeclared U.S. bonds"

There are some banks that don’t have that much money, in fact there are some countries that don’t. If all this goes quiet then governments are involved, otherwise this is the seed of a very serious scandal that will be worth watching over the next few weeks. Problem is this is Italy & with Silvio Berlusconi running the show a big brown envelope could make everything just go away. Just like magic.


Posted by: some14some
Posted at: 07:33 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

The daily did not say on what charges they have been detained

smells like "Money Laundering"


Posted by: Brunobear

Posted at: 07:41 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

If they inadvertently left the suitcase on the train and you found it and discovered the US$134 billion in bearer bonds, would you have tip toed away to financial heaven.


Posted by: bcbrownboy

Posted at: 07:52 AM - JST - 11 June 2009



Posted by: NuckinFutz

Posted at: 07:57 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

Bad news for Japanese public servants who won't be receiving their "look the other way" Yak bonuses this summer! This is indeed more money than alot of countries even HAVE and will be interesting to find out the source and destination (unless of course it gets quietly swept under the rug).


Posted by: noborito
Posted at: 08:05 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

someone is going to be kissing $134 bil good-bye


Posted by: JeffLee
Posted at: 08:10 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

That amount is not credible. Should it be lira or yen, not $? The world's richest man, Bill Gatess, has a net worth of 1/3 that amount.


Posted by: Stanley50
Posted at: 08:39 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

Japanese Government owned US Bonds? Or maybe they belong to one of the big conglomerates.



Posted at: 08:42 AM JST - 11th June

Yeah, it sounds sort of ridiculous that anyone could carry that much in a false-bottom suitcase and expect the weight to slide by. Same even if it were millions....


geronimo2006 at 08:54 AM JST - 11th June

My pick is its Nova money laundered by Yakuza. Italian cops must be feeling happy, maybe even get a really good summer bonus.


JoeBigs at 09:02 AM JST - 11th June

This story will most likely disappear after a few phone calls between the Italian government and the Japanese governments....Got to protect their friends....


Apsara at 09:37 AM JST - 11th June

Because the sum seems ridiculously large, I had a look around some other news sites. While the amount does seem to be accurate, one other news site questions whether they are real or fake, and says that if they are real that would make this "the largest financial smuggling case in history".


mareo2 at 09:59 AM JST - 11th June

$134 billion!!! You can buy a small country for that money!


Poster: Altria

Posted at: 10:11 AM JST - 11th June

$134 billion in a suitcase?! This is gonna be really interesting... It's like something out of a Bond movie!


nimbus at 10:16 AM JST - 11th June

I think they really need to check and see if these are real. If it's real I am really curious who has that much money.

$134 billion is a lot of money. To give an idea how much is $134 billion: Microsoft as of 06/30/08 has total assets of a little less than $73 billion with cash and cash equivalent of less than $24 billion.


Statistician at 10:28 AM JST - 11th June

This number can't possibly be correct. It would even pay off the UK debts run up by Gordon Brown!


Posted by: OssanAmerica

Posted at: 10:29 AM JST - 11th June

The amount if real does defy belief that it was a single physical operation to move these bonds. I wonder if these Japanese are not NK operatives or Japanese Yaks in their employ.


Posted by: DJJapan
Posted at: 10:36 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

Looks like they went through the wrong border. When I have crossed the border which is usually from Austria or Germany I have only been pulled over twice out of at least 20 occasions. Both times I had Japanese in the car. They checked the passports only and sent us on our way. Never searched the car either. Not that I had anything. Other times even with Japanese in the car they have waived me through. When coming to the border crossing though it is only the Swiss who are there on the entry side so I wonder how it was that the Italians are the ones who nabbed them??? This is going to make maybe an interesting movie for sure.


Posted by: GJDailleult
Posted at: 10:51 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

A quick search of Google news for "US bonds Italy" gives only one matching article - this one. What's up with that? Maybe KYODO made some Italian to Japanese translation mistakes.


Posted by: JoelR
Posted at: 11:03 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

smuggling gil out of FFXI


or the EU 2009 budget


I really think that someone is pulling a practical joke ....


GW at 11:05 AM JST - 11th June

this is freaky for sure, the amount is insane! I cant see yaks or drug lords all combined having stash like that..........

And if they are fake its still an insane amount........... maybe they are fake & someone or country was going to call the US on them to get paid & wreck further havoc on the US & worlds economies

Sure hope there is some follow up to this its GOT to be interesting & bizarre.


wibble at 11:11 AM JST - 11th June

$134bn will net you a pretty large country actually - New Zealands GDP in 2007 was $135bn...


Altria at 11:11 AM JST - 11th June

That's literally a big chunk of the US bailout!


Posted by: Stanley50

Posted at: 11:24 AM JST - 11th June

In order to stop money laundering Italian law sets a ceiling of 10,000 euros per person for importing or exporting money without declaring it. The penalty for violating the law is 40% of the money seized. (from another news site)

If real, jackpot for Italy!


aelieth at 11:29 AM JST - 11th June

Holy cow... that's a lot of money.


tasha77 at 11:30 AM JST - 11th June

Interesting to see where this leads?????


Posted by: DarkKnightNine
Posted at: 11:37 AM - JST - 11 June 2009

I guess SOME people aren't affected by this world economic recession at all. $134 Billlion?! Really?! That's an insane amount of money to fathom. And if they had that kind of loot on them, you can bet somebody somewhere is gonna pull some strings to get them out of it. That kind of money buys a lot of power.


Mark_McCracken at 11:41 AM JST - 11th June

$134 billion is enough money to buy the entire Apple computer company or about 70% of Microsoft. It's almost enough money to buy General Electric. It's enough money to buy Starbucks about 11 times over.


TokyoGas at 11:59 AM JST - 11th June

...including 249 U.S. Treasury bonds each worth $500 million...

Does the US Government issue Treasury Bonds with a denomination $500 million? I have been googling but everything seems to point to $1M as the max. Any financial whiz kids out there?


Mark_McCracken at 12:17 PM JST - 11th June

$134 billion is enough money to take everyone in the world to dinner at Capricciosa. It's enough to send everyone in Japan on a 5-day trip to London. It's enough money to buy every person in China 60 butaman from 551 Horai.


Posted by:

Posted at: moonbeams at 12:31 PM JST - 11th June

the above isn't the full article.


this was missing:

"It also said the Italian authorities were investigating whether the securities were genuine since their values are huge.

If the bonds are found to be genuine, the two could be fined around 40 percent of the total value of the bonds, it said."


stirfry at 12:32 PM JST - 11th June



stirfry at 12:40 PM JST - 11th June

@ tokyo gas...nope you are correct...US Treasury bonds come in $1 million increments...just for example, the Treasury this week issued securities in 3 maturities and the total was $65 billion, so this $134b would be almost equal to the US's funding needs for 2-3 months


desmosedici at 12:46 PM JST - 11th June

Italian news mentioned 500 Mil. and 1 Bil. $ bonds. I haven't a clue what the maximum value of US bonds can be, but according to another article, only states can handle bonds with such an enormous value. It also mentioned something about fake bonds floating around in Asia. Maybe North Korea's own Dr. Evil is a bit strapped for cash. They have been known to print funny money and sent their people abroad with Japan passports. Maybe a bit far fetched since one would then expect to find 1 Zillion dollar bonds.


Altria at 01:05 PM JST - 11th June

Are you sure they weren't Zimbabwean bonds?


Posted by: DarkKnightNine
Posted at: 01:14 PM - JST - 11 June 2009

If the bonds are found to be genuine, the two could be fined around 40 percent of the total value of the bonds, it said."

Even if that were true. They still walk away with 60% of $134 Billion dollars!!!!!! They would still be Billionaires. I'd take take those odds any day.


mrhog123 at 01:42 PM JST - 11th June

If memory serves me didn't the total TARP fund ammount to 9 Trillion Dollars? Heck 134 billion is a small part. Wonder where the rest of the money went?


Posted by: knackerz

Posted at: 02:15 PM JST - 11th June

This story isn't being picked up by mainstream media, has the cover up already started?


Posted by: ultradodgy

Posted at: 03:32 PM JST - 11th June

Why are Italian agents searching them as they leave the country?

This whole story is inane.


Posted by: nandakandamanda

Posted at: 05:17 PM JST - 11th June

Japanese Mafia with NK conections, or as desmosedici says above, NK agents posing as Japanese, seems fairly likely IMHO. There have been huge denomination fakes getting spotted every so often.


Posted by: moonbeams
Posted at: 05:37 PM - JST - 11 June 2009

My bet is NK [ North Korea ] with Japan passports.


Posted by: Kawasaki

Posted at: 06:12 PM JST - 11th June

A few comments, the official Guardia di Finanza article:



Italian Financial Police ( stationed at the border between Italy and Switzerland ), who did the bust, confirm it was indeed $134 Billion with a B, so the amount is not a mistake.


What isn't clear yet is whether the bonds are real or fake. My money is on NK with fake JP passports, planning on doing something fishy in Switzerland.


If they are real, the Italian cops / gov't will take 40%. If they are fake, they'll throw them in prison due to the extreme amount.


If this is some government thing, a few phone calls between the Italian & JP gov't will make this story be swept under the rug and you'll never know what it was about.

Welcome to a free, transparent society folks! Just keep walking straight and don't ask questions!


Posted by: moonbeams
Posted at: 07:17 PM - JST - 11 June 2009

If the Japanese government wanted this swept under the rug, then why is it running in various Japanese language newspapers?



Goals0 at 07:25 PM JST - 11th June

I bet you a billion dollars the story is a spoof.


Posted by: elbudamexicano
Posted at: 11:28 PM JST - 11 June 2009

This all sounds very strange, I also tend to agree they must be North Korea spies, with fake passports, prentending to be Japanese.


Posted by: Good_Jorb

Posted at: 11:44 PM JST - 11th June

Excuse my ignorance, but since when was it illegal to travel with money? Not to self, don't go through France is you have large sums of money.

It's not illegel to travel money but if you over X amount of money ( usually $10,000 us ) you are required to declare how much money you carrying.



In particular IX


usaexpat at 11:46 PM JST - 11th June

Are the bonds genuine and where does anyone come by $134 billion in bonds? Unless they looted a company or something I can't imagine having that kind of money in T bills.


mmwk2008 at 12:32 AM JST - 12th June

Bearer bonds ? I dont quite understand how the Italian Govt can take a claim upon even part of them if they are in transit through their country.... declared or otherwise. Anyone care to elaborate ? Particularly if you declare them, does that mean everyone knows you're carrying them and therefore you can't do so without employing the local government approved carrier ?.....


Posted by: bertoldo
Posted at: 03:06 AM - JST - 12 June 2009

weird, definitely.


I'm italian, and I confirm that the sum is correctly translated ( "miliardi" stays for billions ).


The story is covered mainly by blogs, conspiracy sites, local Swiss newspapers, but it is on some Italy mainstream media as well and on the police site, without great emphasis though ( in the "strange but true" sections, so no analysis at all ).

A blog published an interview to a police officer in which he confirms the fact, and that the police is collaborating with some U.S. secret agents to establish whether the bills are false or not:


The two men apparently tried to reach Switzerland mixed with ordinary commuters on a train.

Nothing more, very few links on the international sites.


It’s usual that people crossing the border are asked if they have something to declare, and there can be a search, but not always and not in so accurate way.


Posted by: PepinGalarga
Posted at: 03:54 AM - JST - 12 June 2009

it would take 5 minutes to verify if the passport / bonds are fake or not.

I thought the $10,000 rule applied only to cash equivalents. US treasury bonds are usually non-negotiable, so they need to be registered to someone and are not regarded as cash, even if in certificate form.

Something here smells very funny. im waiting for people to get paid off... those that dont take the silver will get paid in lead...

If the money is really coming from Japan, why didnt they just fly straight to Switzerland. Im assuming there is some Italy mafia connection here.


oneof6billion at 04:48 AM JST - 12th June

With my vast experience in watching movies ... I think James Bond is on the case as we speak.


Posted by: Altria
Posted at: 11:42 AM - JST - 12 June 2009

Why does Japan Today seem to be the main English language source for this story?


Posted by: bdiego
Posted at: 05:51 PM - JST - 12 June 2009

$134 Billion suggests it's either fake or from a sovereign fund. However that amount is a large fraction of what most countries hold of US treasuries - it's unlikely that China would just hand 5% or 10% of all US Debt they own to a pair of guys. It would be as likely as someone carrying 70 out of all 72 Monet's in the world across the border - fakes.

What's more likely is this is North Korea smuggling forgeries, first by landing in port in Italy by private ship then crossing the border by land into Switzerland where NK's financial stash is known to be. The idea is there's less scrutiny at border crossings than by plane where it will pass through x-ray (true to a degree). Italy is the simplest entry to Switzerland by boat, and NK employs several boats for smuggling as has been thoroughly documented and in fact being discussed as we speak at the UN for the new resolution.


bdiego at 05:57 PM JST - 12th June

More info:


There are only three countries in the world that even possess that much in US bonds: China, Russia, and Japan. Furthermore the denominations are suspicious as they are no longer in print, and in any case as they are part of sovereign funds are almost definitely fake by this fact alone.


bdiego at 06:20 PM JST - 12th June

Consider these background facts:


* North Korea faced international sanctions over institutional counterfeiting of US $100 bills. The country has no qualms about mass producing counterfeit money.


* North Korea has repeatedly manufactured fake passports, such as the Dominican Republica one used by Kim Il Jung's son to repeatedly enter Japan (where he was caught wearing a diamond encrusted watch). He claimed he was visiting Disneyland, but witnesses say he went straight to the red light district. The country has no qualms about mass producing counterfeit passports and claiming fake citizenship.


* There are a million ethnic Koreans in Japan who are otherwise Japanese, about a third of whom identify with North Korea and have supported North Korea's policies including kidnapping, murder, and international terrorism. North Korea has in fact admitted to these allegations, which are the crux of Japan's stance in six-way talks. North Korea has no qualms about terrorism, murder, kidnapping, or any crimes in general.


* North Korea's counterfeiting, missile sale, and opium production are all designed to generate hard currency it desperately needs to survive. It will do anything to get money.


* One of the few safe havens in the world for North Korea is Switzerland due to its strong neutrality. Kim Il Jung's heir went to school there and Switzerland serves as a repository for much of North Korea's currency and banking needs.


* North Korea has been known to use its small fleet of ships to transport agents into various countries for its crimes - as demonstrated by their use in kidnapping operations off Japan. Agents prefer to disembark by ship and cross borders by land.


* As only China, Japan, and Russia even possess this amount in bonds these are the only nationalities any smugglers would claim. Alas, such denominations of bonds do not exist in this amount and would be accounted for in any case, and they are almost definitely forgeries.


* North Korea has a colorful history of organized crime dating back decades - not many years have to pass for another bizarre pattern of crimes to emerge and it was only a couple of years ago they were caught for mass counterfeiting of dollars.


bdiego at 03:44 AM JST - 13th June

Someone just escaped from the loon. I challenge you to make one coherent sentence.


PepinGalarga at 07:11 AM JST - 13th June

i havent seen anything from this story reported in western sources. this is so strange...


rogerbentham at 02:59 PM JST - 13th June

japanese are koreans or chinese? that's not suprising. or is it?


shenneferh at 03:21 PM JST - 13th June

bdiego, don't forget about the existence of Kim Pyong-il, the half-brother who's been sent off to Europe to keep out of the way.


Nessie at 04:44 PM JST - 13th June

Thanks for the facts, Bdiego; the speculation is a bit out on a limb, though.


MakusuSun at 05:16 PM JST - 14th June

So what? The two Japanese men were taking their own money to a Swiss bank. How is this anybodys problem?. This is no more than bonds and bills not even paper money.


betepunap at 07:29 PM JST - 14th June

What was it? Somebody got any ideas?


Beerplease at 07:41 AM JST - 15th June

"So what? The two Japanese men were taking their own money to a Swiss bank. How is this anybodys problem? This is no more than bonds and bills not even paper money."

You must be joking. That's billion, not million. No one in Japan has "their own money" in that amount. An these T-bills are very close to cash. And they didn't declare it - a violation of the law.

That's what.


Asara at 08:41 AM JST - 15th June

Why Swiss are keep harboring criminals' money still way into 21-st century?! I'd say Germany, France, Italy should invade Switzerland and restore proper common sense based constitution and teach locals that keeping other looted wealth is bad crime.


azzassa at 08:56 AM JST - 15th June

Umm, because rich and elite Germans, French and Italians who control their countries also keep their loot in Switzerland?


PaulRevere at 10:28 AM JST - 15th June

the US site (blog) on which I found this story had the following possible explanations; 1. The Japanese are trying to secretly divest themselves of about 25% of their US debt. (They own about $600B in US debt.) 2. The Japanese are acting as Chinese or North Korea agents in trying to help them divest themselves of US debt in secret. 3. There is an enormous sum of counterfeit US debt out there and these guys are trying to sell some of it.

None of these cases bodes well for the US debt market.


zhazam05 at 12:25 PM JST - 15th June

I looked at a dozen news-sites but found ZIP!!! NADA!!!Why is this story being supressed? Please Dig in and keep me informed!Yours, J.Edgar you know who!!!!L.O.L.!


flyingfish at 05:13 PM JST - 15th June

thats the big stink..

why is this is none of the main stream press???/


Posted by: flyingfish

Posted at: 05:32 PM JST - 15th June

also very possible that this is the real reason for hatoyamas resignation...

but it is amazing that its been dropped from all newspapers and these men havent been charged

the total is 1% of us gdp!!!!


Posted by: Johnson1234

Posted at: 11:28 AM JST - 16th June

What if the bonds are real? Why has the identity of the men not been disclosed?

Why haven't we seen photos of the men?

These men may have bought the bonds off someone or had them in their possession knowing very well that if they tried to cash them directly through the US treasury, the answer would have been NO!!

But knowing Italian law and the fine imposed by the Italian Government of 40% of face value of the bonds may have been an excellent opportunity to have the bonds exchanged.

Think about it... they go to Italy, make a deal with the Italian Government where they receive say, 10% of US$38 Billion of the bond penalty fee ( knowing the US wont cash the bonds for them given the Economic climate ) then they are deliberately captured by Italian Police at the border. Then the Italians establish the bonds are genuine and receive US$38 Billion dollars and the US Government keeps the balance and everyone is happy!

Why talk about terrorism and Kim Jong Il??

The art of misdirection perhaps from the real agenda!

Possible?? you think about it!!!


zhazam05 at 12:51 PM JST - 16th June

I Know!!!!!Its "Maddoffs $$$$$$$$$$!


Posted by: knackerz

Posted at: 01:16 PM JST - 16th June

It's been 2 weeks since this happened, looks like they're hoping we'll all forget.


roninexile at 03:09 AM JST - 17th June

It was Lupin III and Jigen caught holding the loot!


JohnLuke at 07:06 AM JST - 17th June

Dear knackerz, I agree with you! THEY ( the US, and/or Italian, and/or Swiss, and/or Japanese governments ) wished we all forget. But the affair is TOO HUGE and too amazing! I believe that a growing community of VERY concerned US, Japanese and Italian citizens will not forget.


bdiego at 03:11 AM JST - 18th June

Hey my speculation on NK wasn't meant to be a likely scenario, just a far more likely scenario than the one presented so far. =)

One reason we don't have many more details about this is because the Italian police are ordered not to disclose any more info because any existence of counterfeit bonds has the potential to erode confidence in monetary instruments and shock the financial market - however remote that possibility may be. This is exactly the reason why banks rarely report when hackers steal millions of dollars through a security breach. Simply knowing this info would cause some consumers to overreact and lose confidence.



Posted by: Nessie

Posted at: 07:26 PM JST - 18th June

Some speculation here:


Real or fake, just how did the two "Japanese" hope to cash such bonds? Who are these guys? Why are their names being kept out of all news accounts?

One news story -- immediately taken offline -- identified one of the "Japanese" as a notorious con man from the Philippines named Yohannes Riyadi, a.k.a. Wilfredo Saurin, whose associates in international crime are fairly well-known. The other guy may have been his comrade Joseph Daraman. These two men are the right ages, and they both could pass for Japanese. They've been trading in fake documents from the Federal Reserve for years.


youandme at 10:01 PM JST - 18th June



Posted by: nandakandamanda

Posted at: 12:38 AM JST - 30th June

The Japanese Embassy certified that they really are Japanese, so how could they be Philippino?...

Why has the article expired? How quickly do JT articles disappear?


Posted by: knackerz

Posted at: 08:06 AM JST - 4th July

Amazing how the story vanished


Junnama at 09:51 AM JST - 17th March

$134 Billion in bonds, what is this "Die Hard"??




COURTESY: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( website )


SOURCE: Reuters ( Thomson Reuters News Agency )

June 18, 2009 4:31 p.m. EDT ( Thursday )

Italy Asks U.S. To Verify Seized Bonds Are Genuine

MILAN - June 18 ( Reuters ) - Italy has asked U.S. authorities to check the authenticity of what appear to be U.S. government bonds worth $134 billion seized near the Swiss border, a senior Italian tax police officer said on Thursday.

Early in June, Italy's Guardia di Finanza, or tax police, said they had seized the U.S. bonds from two Japanese nationals at the Chiasso rail station in the north of Italy close to the frontier with Switzerland.

"We have already established contact with American colleagues who should give an expert opinion on the bonds to establish their authenticity or falseness," said Rodolfo Mecarelli, head of the financial police in the Como province, which includes Chiasso.

Mecarelli said the tax police and the magistrate investigating the case have strong doubts about the authenticity of both types of bonds found in the baggage of the two individuals.

The bonds comprised 249 "Federal Reserve" bonds of $500 million nominal value each and 10 "Bond Kennedy" with a $1 billion nominal value, the tax police said on June 4 in a statement on the seizure of the bonds.

A reply from the relevant U.S. authorities based at the U.S. embassy in Rome is expected in the next few days or next week.

Italian investigators are also checking that the two travellers' Japanese documents are genuine.

In the last 2-years, $800,000,000 million of U.S. bonds have been seized in the Como area.

If the bonds are genuine, the holders could face a fine of 40% of their value, or $38 billion, the tax police said in their statement earlier this month.

Despite the potentially huge scale of the seizure, the amount remains small compared to the $2,000,000,000,000 Trillion worth of new debt the U.S. Treasury is expected to issue in the fiscal year to Sept 20.

( reporting by, Sara Rossi; writing by, Nigel Tutt; editing by, Kenneth Barry )



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SOURCE: Reuters ( Thomson Reuters News Agency )

U.S. Treasury Says Bonds Seized In Italy Are Fakes
by, David Lawder


June 19, 2009 11:46 a.m. EDT ( Friday )

WASHINGTON - June 19, 2009 - A purported $134 billion in U.S. government bearer bond certificates seized by police near the Italian-Swiss border are fake, the U.S. Treasury said on Friday.

"Based on the photograph we've seen online, they are clearly fake. And not even good fakes," said Stephen Meyerhardt, a spokesman for the Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt.

He added that there is only $105,000,000 million in U.S. Treasury bearer bond ‘securities outstanding’, so the $134,000,000,000 billion amount seized far exceeds the universe of ‘outstanding securites’.

The Treasury's determination confirmed the suspicions of Italy's Guardia di Finanza, or tax police, which seized the bond documents in early June from two Japanese nationals at the Chiasso rail station in northern Italy, close to the border with Switzerland.

The bonds comprised 249 "Federal Reserve" bonds of $500 million nominal value each and 10 "Bond Kennedy" with a $1,000,000,000 Billion nominal value, the tax police said on June 4 in a statement on the seizure of the bonds.

A senior tax police officer said Italian authorities also were checking whether the two travellers' Japanese documents are genuine.

In the last two years, Italian authorities have seized some $800 million of U.S. bonds in the Como area in northern Italy.

Meyerhardt said U.S. government investigators believe ‘the seized bond forgeries were made’ using ‘commercial photo software’ to ‘alter the image of a $100 bill’ to ‘increase the amount into millions’ or ‘billions’ and ‘add’ what appear to be ‘interest coupons’.


He said this appears similar to scams that the U.S. Treasury uncovers fairly frequently involving bearer and other securities issued in the 1930s and 1940s.


Images of similar ‘counterfeit bonds’ appear on a U.S. Treasury website aimed at combating fraud.

The case has been turned over to the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates and combats counterfeiting of the U.S. currency. A spokesman for the Secret Service was not immediately available for comment.

The forgery determination came a day after the U.S. Treasury ‘warned U.S. banks against the potential for increased currency counterfeiting activity’ and ‘large cash transactions’ by ‘North Korea’ in an effort to evade U.N. sanctions aimed at cutting off financing for Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and missile programmes.



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SOURCE: Reuters ( Thomson Reuters News Agency )

U.S. Treasury Says Bonds Seized In Italy Are Fakes

by, David Lawder

June 19, 2009 5:39 p.m. EDT ( Friday )

[ Update 1 with details on bonds, U.S. Secret Service comment ]

WASHINGTON - June 19, 2009 - A purported $134 billion in U.S. government bearer bond certificates seized by police near the Italian-Swiss border are fake, the U.S. Treasury said on Friday.

"Based on the photograph we've seen online, they are clearly fake. And not even good fakes," said Stephen Meyerhardt, a spokesman for the Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt.

He added that there is only $105 million in Treasury bearer bond securities outstanding, so the $134 billion amount seized far exceeds the universe of outstanding securites.

The Treasury's determination confirmed the suspicions of Italy's Guardia di Finanza, or tax police, who seized the bond documents in early June from two Japanese nationals at the Chiasso rail station in northern Italy, close to the border with Switzerland.

The bonds comprised 249 "Federal Reserve" bonds of $500 million nominal value each and 10 "Bond Kennedy" with a $1 billion nominal value, the tax police said June 4 in a statement.

A senior tax police officer said Italian authorities also were checking whether the two travelers' Japanese documents are genuine.

In the last two years, Italian authorities have seized some $800 million of U.S. bonds in the Como area in northern Italy.

Meyerhardt said U.S. government investigators believe that the seized bond forgeries were made using commercial photo enhancement software to alter the image of a $100 bill to increase the amount into millions or billions and add what appear to be interest coupons.

Another U.S. official said the seized bonds were purported to be issued during the Kennedy administration in the early 1960s, but the certificates showed a picture of a space shuttle on it - a spacecraft that first flew in 1981. Some of the bonds were purportedly issued in a $500 billion denomination that never existed.

The official, who spoke on background because he was not authorized to discuss specifics of the case, said that scam artists, rather than trying to exchange fake bearer bonds directly for cash, will sometimes try to use them as fraudulent collateral for loans.

The Treasury frequently uncovers scams involving bearer and other securities issued in the 1930s and 1940s. Images of some of these counterfeit bonds appear on a Treasury website aimed at combating fraud, here.

The U.S. Secret Service, which polices counterfeiting of U.S. currency, is assisting Italian authorities in tracing the source of the fake bonds, said Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the agency.

The forgery determination came a day after the Treasury warned U.S. banks against the potential for increased currency counterfeiting activity and large cash transactions by North Korea in an effort to evade U.N. sanctions aimed at cutting off financing for Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and missile programs.

( editing, by: Dan Grebler )




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SOURCE: Corriere.It  ( Varese, Italy )

The Mystery Of False Bond Billions To Switzerland
by, Claudio Del Frate

ITALY, Malpensa - September 20, 2009 - Already the first time seemed impossible, $131 billion U.S. dollars in bonds were seized from two [ 2 ] Japanese. It happened in early June [ June 1, 2009 ] at the Italy - Switzerland border station of Chiasso.

Mystery about their origin and their destination.

Now the mystery is multiplied by two, because last August [ 2008 ] almost identical U.S. bonds [ document face value ] $180 billion was intercepted at the Malpensa airport within the luggage of two [ 2 ] Philippines individuals then bound for Switzerland. Such an amount - equivalent to the debt of a country ( e.g. Brazil) - could shake the entire world financial market.

Who is trying to position a quantity of bonds, and bonds valued at two [ 2 ] points [ 2% ] of the United States GDP?

And what would happen if the Malpensa and Chiasso incidents had not been intervened men in uniform?

A partial return to the alarm there is a breaking news leaked that the circles of investigation:

The documents almost certainly coincide to connections with Malpensa. And so are almost certainly those of Chiasso because the two [ 2 ] batches belonged almost entirely within the same scheme:

Documents - apparently - issued by the United States government in the 1930s, after The Great Depression.

The Malpensa ( Varese ) Guardia di Finanza [ GdF ] expect - in the coming hours - an e-mail from the United States confirming whether, what was being carried by two [ 2 ] Filipinos, were really only paper.

"But surely no one's interested in saying the Malpensa and Chiasso bonds are true ..." Let slip - maliciously - investigators.

Without doubt, if the securities placed all items in the process, the United States should finance fully in a flash and that nation should declare bankruptcy. But the yellow ( gold ) is all financial.

The last financiers chapter was written in August [ 2008 ], at the Milan airport, when checking the contents of two [ 2 ] suitcases within 24-hours that was held in the hands of a couple of passengers with Philippines passports: $180 billion, but not in cash, a figure still stunning and unprecedented.

The two [ 2 ] are silent scenes before investigators' questions and there shoots ( and continues ) the arrest, because Finance [ GdF ] is well aware of what happened 2-months previously with their colleagues in Chiasso.

In early June [ 2009 ], on a train to Basel, Switzerland where these two [ 2 ] distinguished Japanese gentlemen, Akihiro Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe held: in a double bottom of their suitcases $131 billion U.S. dollars in bonds.

A small part of the cargo consisted of "Kennedy bonds' issued until the 1990s and so called because they bear the effigy of the U.S. President assassinated in Dallas [ Texas ], however most of the securities were prior to the World War II.

For the two [ 2 ] financiers said it was "worthless historical artifacts," recalls their lawyer Massimo Como Scopelliti whose office was called as their defender. Maybe, but why hide the gift in a double bottom?

Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi are now released, by Italy authorities, and have since disappeared.

The news is almost immediately unleashed around the world especially with official United States reaction and fanciful conjecture.

A photo of the securities seized was sent by mail to Washington, D.C. and on June 19, 2009 U.S. Treasury spokesman Stephen Meyerhardt said, "These documents are false."


But their opinion is based only on a scanned image and the consideration:

Those bonds, issued in the 1930s, resulting value of $105 billion was less so than what was seized in Chiasso.

It also adds to the June 25, 2009 CIA [ Central Intelligence Agency ] chorused "spokesman" Darrin Blackford saying, "These securities have not been issued by the U.S. government."

But the sources, although officers, did not reassure the American press:

The Financial Times ( FT ) comes to assume a hand of the Mafia trafficking in bonds, but that is only a hypothesis that seems more dictated by folklore ( if those documents are from Italy, they necessarily must be half Godfather ).

The "load" was instead reported, a few days after the Asia News agency and the American journalist Hal Turner, placing the documents as real with the Japan government trying to liquidate them because it no longer believed in the possibility of the U.S. government being able to cope with its public debt, supporting the thesis, added a particularly striking:

One [ 1 ] of two [ 2 ] Japan businessmen - passing through Chiasso - is related to a Japan Treasury senior official.

But [ Hal ] Turner was not able to cite the sources of his scoop was reduced to a shot of mere fireworks.

Circulating on the internet, at this point, is a new version:

During the War, various warring countries had printed currency and securities, placed in enemy countries, that were perfectly counterfeit. That's why the Japanese ( or Philippines individuals ) were in possession of the U.S. securities of the 1930s, that's why those seized in Malpensa and Chiasso can be thrown in the trash. If so, it remains a standing question:

What was the purpose of bond couriers?

Sources of Finance [ GdF ] the Italy goal was to deposit a small part of the bonds in Switzerland banks via security in hope that this way would get cash.

No global financial turmoil, in short, only one version of Toto and Peppino with almond eyes.

A definitive answer is expected in the coming days from Como will convene a committee of experts which will examine the U.S. 'de visu' bonds of Chiasso, and Malpensa Finance [ GdF ] announced the closing of investigations in the coming days.




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SOURCE: AsiaNews.It ( Asia - Italy )

June 30, 2009 13:13

Everything Suggests That The American Bonds Seized At Chiasso Are Real

ITALY, Milan - June 30, 2009 - Four [ 4 ] weeks have passed since U.S. bonds were confiscated from two [ 2 ] Japanese men who were travelling on a direct train to Chiasso, Switzerland. And, while there has been clarification of some ( very few ) points, Italy authorities have remained silent on the rest of the episode.

In addition, a strange coincidence in the timing of the arrest of a director of an internet radio who had made revelations regarding the incident, increases the already strong oddities surrounding the case. This added to the revaluation of the fact that among the evidence seized there were "Kennedy Bonds", all points toward the authenticity of the items seized by the Guardia di Finanza (GdF) in early June.

The major English speaking newspapers ignored the story for a couple of weeks. They only started to report on it after the Bloomberg agency carried a story on June 18, 2009 when the U.S. Department of the Treasury spokesman Meyerhardt declared the bonds, based on photos available on the internet, were "clearly false."


The same day, the Financial Times ( FT ) published an article whose title laid the blame for the ( alleged ) infringement at the feet of the Italy Mafia, despite the fact that the article failed to make even one possible connection with the episode in Chiasso.


Nevertheless, the version of events as reported in the Financial Times ( FT ) was taken up by others as being "appropriate" ( given that it is a very common cliché about Italy and it is a sequester that took place in Italy ) and in the end "colourful." It’s a pity that goes against all logic that, the Mafia tried to pass unnoticed in its attempt to dump fake bonds amounting to $134,500,000,000 billion U.S. dollars and moreover were "stung" a mere step from their goal, is not very credible.

The New York Times most recently last week ( June 25, 2009 ) reported on the story in particular, the allegations of Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) spokesman Darrin Blackford that, the U.S. Secret Service carried out inspections - as required by the Italy judiciary - and found that they were fictitious financial instruments never issued by the "U.S. government."


It is not clear 'how the checks', mentioned by Darrin Blackford, were carried out and whether the checks were also carried out via internet.


In fact according to official Italy sources, the Commission of American experts - expected in Italy - have yet to arrive.


Furthermore, the ‘bonds were accompanied by a recent and original bank record’.


It is therefore unclear how U.S. authorities can declare fake documentation that does not originate from the FED [ U.S. Federal Reserve ] or U.S. Department of Treasury.

On the contrary, authority claims in support of the bonds were made on June 20, 2009 by the Turner Radio Network ( TRN ), an independent radio station broadcast via internet where in a massive exposure, TRN stated the two [ 2 ] Japanese men arrested - by Italy Guardia di Finanza ( GdF ) [ Finance Police ] were then released in Ponte Chiasso were Japan Treasury Ministry employees.

AsiaNews had also received similar reports, one [ 1 ] of the two [ 2 ] Japanese arrested in Chiasso and then released was Tuneo Yamauchi was the brother of BANK OF JAPAN recent former Vice-Governor Toshiro Muto.

On its website, the Radio, creator and presenter Hal Turner claimed his sources revealed Italy authorities believed the evidence [ bonds ] authentic and the two [ 2 ] Japanese officials are from the Japan Ministry of Finance, and were supposed to bring the bonds to Switzerland because the Japan government lost confidence in U.S. ability to repay debt. Japan financial authorities were therefore trying to sell a part of the securities in their possession through parallel channels ahead of an imminent financial disaster, thanks to the anonymity which, Turner said, is guaranteed by the laws of Switzerland.

AsiaNews does not know to what extent Hal Turner revelations can be held as credible, given that in this case too, it is difficult to believe that $134,500,000,000 billion [ USD ] would pass unnoticed anywhere in the world.

It seems far more logical to assume the bonds, if authentic, were directed to the central bank of central banks, BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT [ BIS ] in Basel, Switzerland ahead of the issuance of securities in a new supranational currency.

Hal Turner had, in any event, added that as evidence to support his revelations he would have provided the serial numbers of the seized bonds, but before he could do so, was imprisoned.

Hal Turner is the journalist who long ago first broke the news of a secret plan to replace the dollar, after a severe financial crisis, with a common North American currency, the Amero.

In a dramatic phone call, from inside the prison in which he is detained pending trial, relayed via internet Hal Turner claims his arrest is political and is in relation to the securities seized in Chiasso because authorities are terrified by his revelations of authenticity of the bonds.

Of course, allegations made against Hal Turner have nothing to do with the story and thus an already intricate story becomes ever more complex.

Turner maintains he did not personally formulate the disclosure for which he has been imprisoned, although it was clearly his responsibility to remain vigilant, it is also true that blogs from around the world and the U.S. themselves are full of threats and provocations.

The coincidental timing, the unusual diligence and details of his arrest arouse suspicions about the true motives of U.S. federal agents, indeed this very arrest suggests the evidence Italy Finance Police seized are truly authentic.

One more element in favor of the authenticity of the bonds is found in the securities, on the June 4, 2009 statement of Italy Finance Police ( GdF ), termed "Kennedy Bonds" with photos provided reveal the securities under discussion are not bonds but U.S. Treasury Notes because they are securities that can be immediately exchanged for their worth in goods or services and because they are devoid of interest coupons.

The United States Department of the Treasury Notes displays, on one side, a reproduction image of the U.S. president, and the reverse side displays a spaceship.

From confidential, usually well informed sources, AsiaNews learned this type of paper money currency was issued in 1998, less than 10-years ago, although it is difficult to know whether those U.S. Treasury Notes seized in Chiasso are authentic.

But the fact the release of this particular national Treasury was not completely in the public domain tends to exclude the possibility of counterfeiting.

It is highly unreasonable to suppose a forger would reproduce a U.S. Treasury security not in common circulation and for which no public knowledge exists.

For this reason it can be concluded $124,500,000,000 billion ( USD ) in Treasury notes that are divided into 249 bonds valued in denominations of $500,000,000 million [ USD ] each are authentic.

Although referred to as "United States Federal Reserve Notes" [ (aka) Federal Reserve Notes (aka) FRN ], titles for these securities are actually 'bonds' because they accrue interest and are redeemable at maturity. One question, however, remains unsolved regarding them. It is somewhat difficult to understand why from the outset Italy Finance Police ( GdF ) found these securities indistinguishable from originals having coupons. Any ordinary investor, even a government, would have cashed the interest coupon every year to not lose purchasing power.



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SOURCE: Libero Daily ( newspaper ) – Milan, Italy


Section: Economics


Page: 13


International Intrigue

Philippines With 180 Billion In The Train Mystery At Customs Malpensa
by, Bechis Franco


September 18, 2009

Filipinos with 180,000,000,000 billion in the train Mystery d gana Malpensa.


The two [ 2 ] Asian had on them U.S. Treasury bonds in Switzerland for a value of 12 financial


The transaction was secretly deduced a week after August.


Malpensa airport Guardia de Finance ( GdF ), stopping two [ 2 ] Filipino citizens, seized their luggage. It was enough to open one [ 1 ] suitcase to stare inside:


There were U.S. Treasury bonds of two [ 2 ] cuts ( types ):


1,000,000,000 billion dollar; and,


500,000,000 million dollars.


Around $180,000,000,000 billion ( USD ) value, equal to just under e123,000,000,000 billion ( EUR). A stratospheric sum, equal to about 12 Italian financial laws.


If the titles were authentic and their unscrupulous use would be able to terremotare international financial markets and to cripple the United States Barack Obama.


The two [ 2 ] Filipino citizens were immediately arrested on the orders of the prosecution to prn Busto Arsizio, Valentina Margio; and, in prison - are still waiting for the official report of the securities sought through diplomatic channels to the U.S. government that sent experts of the FED and the FBI.

The previous Chiasso Incident


The Margio was immediately put in touch with colleagues from Como [ Italy ], that on June 3 [ 2009 ] had stopped two [ 2 ] Japanese citizens, and a third [ 3rd ] was Eastern ( apparently Viet Namese ) ‘holding diplomatic passports’ on a train to Chiasso.

The three [ 3 ] were carrying U.S. Treasury securities in 1939 for a value of 134.5 billion dollars ( equal to 91.2 billion euro at yesterday's exchange ).


Ten [ 10 ] were Treasury notes of $1,000,000,000,000 billion each, the other 124,500,000,000 were 249 costitoiti Federal Reserve Notes at $500,000,000 million each.


Even then the Financial Police had set immediately the issue of the authenticity of the securities.


According to sources ufficioise it was later learned that a few weeks diopo expertise American inc was satisfied the contraffaziorie, But on the disposal of the prosecution of the two Japanese Como is the third [ 3rd ] Asian aiisterioso, arrested and identified, have been reported on the loose [ free / freed ].


You could not do otherwise for those who were in possession of a diplomatic passport, you Wscelto arresttare not even the two Japanese, foirse after checking the identity of a lotus: funeo Yamauchi [ Yamaguchi ], brother of the Japan Central Bank former Vice-President Toshiiro Muto.

The prosecutor in Busto Arsizio in a first summary examination is satisfied, that:


‘The ‘evidence seized’, from the two [ 2 ] Filipinos, are ‘identical’ [ bonds ] to those in the hands of the prosecutor in Como [ Italy ] seized from the Japanese.


In addition to the stratospheric sums held there is another parallel between the two [ 2 ] events:


The couriers, of those billions, are not just any people.


If one [ 1 ] of my two [ 2 ] Japanese had ties to high-level with the Central Bank of Tokyo [ Japan ], one [ 1 ] of the two [ 2 ] Filipinos has equally close ties with a Bishop of the [ Catholic ] Church of Manila, and in the documentation seized along with titles tisa there would also be a pass signed by the High prelate.

Those strange ties - if titles were authentic - in both cases would solved- at a stroke the repercussions of the crisis and Italy fiscal problems.


The holders would be criticized for failure to declare currency and imposed an administrative fine equal to 40% of the sums held: in the coffers of the Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti would end so, about 86,000,000,000 billion euro. Seven [ 7 ] times the amount committed in 2009 to stem the crisis by financing the layoffs extended to all Italy companies.

If the bonds were really all false, would remain a mystery to be solved all international.


What were going to fire before the Japanese and then the Filipinos in Switzerland with an immense amount of counterfeit U.S. Treasuries?


With which bank or financial institution and who had appointment nìai border would have been complicit in a fraud of such immense proportions?


What complicity high level were both in the countries of origin ( given the identity of the detained / arrested ) is probably Assal internationally?


And these questions that are trying to answer is the guard of Finance that the stubborn prosecutor of Busto Arsizio.



trancabechs @ Ubero-newseu ***


stratospheric, Filipinos Value of securities seized:

$ 1 billion D dollars amounted to 122 billion EUR 305.

Sometimes the Rea!

134.5 billion dollars is: the value of the securities carried by two gia5ponesi and seized .a Chiasso in June.

12 financial maneuvers of the Italian government ...


I QoJ The figure and equal to you iO Italian GDP ***

$1 billions of dollars of $122 billion 305.

$134.5 billion dollars the value of securities carried by two [ 2 ] Japanese seized in Chiasso in June [ 2009 ].




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Originale ( Italia ) -


Libero ( Quotidiano.It )


pagina 13


Salta la mappa del sitoTi trovi in: Home: Rassegna Stampa: Economica: Testo articolo: Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze


di venerdì 18 Settembre 2009


Filippini con 180 miliardi nel trolley. Mistero alla dogana di Malpensa di Bechis Franco

I nuovi spalloni INTRIGO INTERNAZIONALE Filippini con 180 miliardi nel trolley Mistero alla d gana di Malpensa I due asiatici portavano buoni del tesoro Usa in Svizzera per un valore di 12 finanziarie FRANCO BECIS. L'operazione è awenuta in gran segreto la settimana dopo Ferragosto. All'aeroporto di Malpensa la guardia di Finanza ha fermato due cittadini filippini sequestrando il loro bagaglio. E bastato aprire una sola valigia per sgranare gli occhi: al suo interno c'erano buoni del Tesoro Usa di due tagli, da un miliardo e da 500 milioni di dollari. In tutto 180 miliardi di dollari di controvalore, pari a poco meno di 123 miliardi di euro. Una somma stratosferica, pari a circa 12 leggi finanziarie italiane. Se i titoli fossero autentici e il loro utilizzo spregiudicato sarebbero in grado di terremotare i mercati finanziari internazionali e di mettere in ginocchio gli Stati Uniti di Barack Obama. I due cittadini filippini sono stati immediatamente arrestati su ordine del prn della procura di Busto Arsizio, Valentina Margio. E in carcere sono tuttora in attesa della perizia ufficiale dei titoli chiesta attraverso i canali diplomatici al governo Usa che ha inviato esperti della Fed e del FBI.

Il precedente di Chiasso La Margio si è messa subito in contatto con i colleghi di Como, che il 3 giugno scorso avevano fermato su un treno diretto a Chiasso due cittadini giapponesi e un terzo orientale (pare vietnamita) in possesso di passaporto diplomatico.

I tre avevano con sé titoli del Tesoro Usa del 1939 per un controvalore di 134,5 miliardi di dollari ( pari a 91,2 miliardi di euro al cambio di ieri ). Dieci erano treasury notes da un miliardo l'uno, gli altri 124,5 miliardi erano costitoiti da 249 Federal reserve notes da 500 milioni di dollari ciascuno, Anche in quel caso la Guardia di Finanza si era posta subito il tema dell'autenticità dei titoli, Secondo fonti ufficioise si è poi saputo qualche settimana diopo che una perizia americana inc avrebbe accertato la contraffaziorie, Ma su disposizione della procura di Como sia i due giapponesi che il aiisterioso terzo asiatico, fermati e identificati sono stati denunciati a piede libero. Non si poteva fare altrimenti per chi era in possesk di un passaporto diplomatico, si Wscelto di non arresttare nemmeno i due giapponesi, foirse anche dopo avere verificato l'identità di uno di loto: funeo Yamauchi, cognato dell'ex vicepresidente deilla Banca centrale giapponese, Toshiiro Muto.

La procura di Busto Arsizio a un primo esame sommario ha potuto accertare che i titoli sequestrati ai due filippini sono identici a quelli in mano alla procura di Como e sequestrati ai giapponesi. Oltre alle somme stratosferiche detenute c'è un altro parallelo fra le due vicende: i corrieri di quei miliardi non sono persone qualsiasi. Se uno mIei due giapponesi aveva legami di alto livello con la Banca centrale di Tokyo, uno dei due filippini ha legami altrettanto stretti con un vescovo della Chiesa di Manila e nella documentazione sequestrata insieme ai titoli tisa ci sarebbe anche un lasciapassare a firma dell'alto prelato.

Quegli strani legami Se i titoli fossero stati autentici in entrambi i casi l'italia avrebbe risolto In un sol colpo i contraccolpi della crisi e i suoi problemi di finanza pubblica. Ai portatori verrebbe contestata la mancata dichiarazione valutaria e comminata una ammenda amministrativa pari al 40 per cento delle somme detenute: nelle casse del ministro dell'Economia, Giulio Tremonti finirebbero così circa 86 miliardi di euro. Sette volte la cifra impegnata per tamponare la crisi 2009 finanziando la cassa integrazione allargata a tutte le imprese italiane.

Se invece i titoli fossero davvero tutti falsi, resterebbe un giallo internazionale tutto da sciogliere. Cosa andavano a ffire prima i giapponesi e poi i Filippini in Svizzera con una quantità immensa di titoli del Tesoro americani contraffatti? Con quale banca o istituzione finanziaria avevano appuntamento e chi nìai oltre confine sarebbe stato complice di una truffa di proporzioni così vaste? Quali complicità ad alto livello c'erano sia nei paesi di provenienza ( vista l'identità dei fermati/arrestati ) sia assal probabilmente a livello internazionale? E a queste domande che sta tentando di dare risposta sia la guardia di Finanza che il caparbio pubblico ministero di Busto Arsizio.

trancabechs@Ubero-newseu *** stratosferica, Filippini Valore dei titoli sequestrati:

$1 milardi di dollari pari a 122 miliardi di euro 305.

volte il Rea!

134.5 miliardi Si dollari: il valore del titoli trasportati da due gia5ponesi e sequestrati .a Chiasso nel mese di giugno.

1 2 manovre finanziarie del Governo italiano I ... QoJ La cifra e pari all ti iO del PIL italiano ***



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hard to beleive the amount of the federal reserve note, but are there government institutions which buys original FRN?


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As far back as 1997, Orin Aune [ ( also known as ) the “Prince” ( aka )  ] arranged grandiose valued financial instrument document deals, one of which on July 19, 1999 was presented in the law offices of ASHTON & COMPANY ( Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ) by lawyer Norman M. Tarnow ( Victoria, British Columbia, Canada ) from the law offices J.P. VILLANUEVA & ASSOCIATES, Jose P. Villanueva - Sagittarius Building, Makati City, Metro Manila 1800, Philippines, TEL: +63 2 812-1084 ) on behalf of those representing financial fraud interests of those behind the entities RED ROCK DRAGONS LIMITED [ registered in Charleston, Nevis, West Indies but operated by Dr. John Gilbert Juncal (aka) Gilbert Juncal (aka) Gilbert Schumacher ( Sedona, Arizona; Prescott, Arizona; Chandler, Arizona; and, Phoeniz, Arizona, USA ) ].

Besides being advance fee schemes, investors were promised entitlement to a percentage of whatever credit line would be raised - assuming, of course, some credit line might be raised - plus a percentage of the High-Yield Investment Program ( HYIP ) trading profit yields were to be generated from pooled private placement fund investments from individual investors provided private placement guarantees derived from hypothecated funds that originally came from other people's monies ( OPM ).

Orin Aune early criminal association saw Dr. John Gilbert Juncal convicted, of:

- Forgery and grand larceny ( 1972 );

- Forgery and grand larceny ( 1976 );

- Filing a false tax refund claim ( sentenced to 2-1/2 years in federal prison ( 1988 );

- Cease & Desist ( C&D ) Order ( issued against him by the Arizona Corporation Commission ( September 25, 1997 );

- Arrested for scamming people by leasing / assigning / renting United States Treasury certificates he and / or his co-conspirators ( company name: RED ROCK DRAGONS LTD. ) did not own; plus,

The federal criminal case the judge sentenced him to Butler, North Carolina for a U.S. Bureau of Prisons psychiatric evaluation, however 'he was later released' due to his prison time having been served plus his medical evaluation ( 1998 - 1999 );

Criminal associations ( names ), included:

- John Gilbert Juncal;
- Robert Langgons;
- Egambaram;
- Kemp;
- Lancaster;
- Shilowitz;
- John Hill; and,

U.S. Treasury website:
http://www.treasuryscams.gov/cc/ccphony2.htm ] as well as THE RRD SECURITIES LTD. interalia RED RODCK DRAGONS operated by Dr. Robert Langgons ( Flagstaff, Arizona, USA ) whose high-end face value ( $2,500,000,000 Billion ) international bank paper financial instrument certificates ( De-Facto Treasury Form No. 24-1001, and Subordinated Original No. ABC-10024, etc., etc, etc. ) were from, amongst real countries, 'invalid countries' named "Sulu" and "North Borneo," where such financial instruments were again passed on to yet other international business companies [ e.g. JOIAKIM INVESTMENTS LIMITED operated by Mr. / Dr. / Rev. Marion Charles Buchanan - President and CEO ] plus other individuals whom re-routed such certificates to other international bank paper trading distributors:

- Robert Earl Palm ( Metchosin, Canada ); and,

- Günter Berthold Horn ( also known as ) Günter B. Horn (aka) Gunter B. Horn (aka) Gunter Horn (aka) Gunther B. Horn ( Sangt Augustin, GERMANY near Bonn, Germany ), of:

- WAVE POWER SYSTEMS INC. ( P.O. Box 202, 555 Richmond Street West, Suite 409, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1, CANADA and 20 Draper Street Toronto, Ontario M5V 2M4, CANADA ); and,

- WAVEPOWER SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC. ( Bahnhofstrasse 73, 8001 Zurich, SWITZERLAND, TEL: +41 44 215 28 28, FAX: +41 44 215 28 29 ); and,

- P.R.O. 14646;

- P.R.O. 14108;

- S.A.V.E. Global Humanitarian Development Foundation ( also known as );

- S.A.V.E. Global Humanitarian Development Fund;



- Günter Berthold Horn ( also known as ) Günter B. Horn ( who then saw such 'face high-value' bank paper security certificates distributed into the hands of yet 'another global Trading consultant':

- Craig Leonard Hubner ( Australia ), GENESIS HOLDINGS CORP. ( St. George's, Grenada & Nassau, Bahamas ), ALPHA CELL TECHNOLOGIES INC., et al. ]

Craig L. Hubner additionally re-routed the documents eventually into the hands of various independent offshore banks that used them as 'balance sheet enhancement tools' for securing legitimate international commercial bank loans while the offshore bank further hired 'independent consultants' whom travelled around the world promoting high-yield rates of return ( 100% to 1,200% ) on deposits that attracted numerous foreign depositors whom bought Certificates of Deposit ( CDs ) from many independent offshore banks.

One major international case that spread across five ( 5 ) continents was the infamous saga of the now defunct but highly controversial Caribbean and South Pacific islands independent offshore bank satellite system, that began with:

- FIDELITY INTERNATIONAL BANK INC. ( New York, Republic of Nauru, Anguilla, Nevis, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, etc., etc. ).

And, that led, to ( its ever now-infamous sister independent offshore bank ):


FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LIMITED ( FIBG ) then hosted several hundred foreign network satellites, of:

- Independent Offshore Banks;
- Foundations; and,
- International Business Companies ( IBC ).

The aforementioned 'global network' held more entity names and aliases ( ad infinitum ) that gave headaches to at-least four ( 4 ) United States federal government organizations:

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA );
U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( SS - FB );
U.S. Department of the Treasury, Financial Intelligence Units ( FIU ); and,
U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations ( FBI ).

The aforementioned four ( 4 ) U.S. federal organizations and a global team of investigators and forensic specialists plus U.S. federal contract private-sector specialists that additionally included Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) 'foreign national dual citizen' financial intelligence ( FININT ) 'operatives' and 'information assets' an incredibly difficult time sorting out - so much so and to such a degree that even some information was simply abandoned from review due to certain complexities coupled with U.S. budget shortfalls for such a global financial crimes task that the U.S. government could not or was unwilling to budget for to halt frauds on people depositors and investors from around the world - including 'its own U.S. citizens'.

Although Orin Aune was finally captured in 2004 by U.S. federal law enforcement ( newspaper article - further below ), since at-least 1997 he masqueraded as a “Prince” and “Sultan” using many popular names with tiles associated thereto as his group of aliases used by others promoting serious crimes of international fraud and more.


A list of popular names used by Orin Aune amongst criminal fraud elements:

- Deputy Minister of Finance of Sulu and North Borneo (aka);
- Prince Hadji Mohammad ( Mohd. ) Al-Alsagof Van Eldik (aka);
- Baginda Rajah of North Borneo (aka);
- Royal Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (aka);
- Sultanate of Sula and North Borneo (aka);
- Indonesian Sultan ( bank paper contractor, of: Michael G. Herzog of Berlin and Miami ).


Individuals and entities, well-document links to the masquerading financial fraud games of Orin Aune, were:

- Norman M. Tarnow, Esquire ( lawyer - Canada );
- ASHTON & COMPANY ( law offices - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada );
- Jose P. Villanueva ( lawyer - Manila, Republic of the Philippines );
- Hundreds of Entities and Individuals Involved.

Sulu and North Borneo are considered 'fraudulent named sovereignities', nevertheless Orin Aune signed fraudulent "de facto Treasury" financial instrument securities for those countries and others.



Unwanted Publicity Intelligence holds 'image documents' and 'more' surrounding the affairs, of all of the aforementioned entities, individuals and others involved.

Orin Aune criminal affairs applicable to United States Department of the Treasury Federal Reserve Bank Notes / Bonds / Certificates seized in 2004 with Mr. Orin Aune ( El Cajon, California ) near San Diego, California, USA and a newspaper article describes more ( below ):

- -


COURTESY: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( website

SOURCE: San Diego Union - Tribune ( San Diego, California, USA ) via SignOnSanDiego.Com

[ PHOTO #1 ( http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10/1934_-_2009_Africa_-_Americas_-_Asia_-_Europe_-_Oceania##photo=101 ): ( Dan Trevan / San Diego Union - Tribune ) - Notes, bonds and bills dated 1934 in astronomical denominations of $500,000, $100,000,000 million and $500,000,000 million were used in scams targeting the elderly, officials say. One [ 1 ] set bound for San Diego, California, USA from the Philippines was seized last month ( October 2004 ). ]

[ PHOTO #2 ( http://upintelligence.multiply.com/photos/album/10/1934_-_2009_Africa_-_Americas_-_Asia_-_Europe_-_Oceania#photo=102 ): ( Dan Trevan / San Diego Union - Tribune ) - Former U.S. Treasury Chief, Salmon Chase, graces the fake $100 million bill. ]

Customs Displays Phony 1930s Cash, Bonds
by, Onell R. Soto, San Diego Union - Tribune staff writer [ TEL: (619) 293-1280, E-MAIL: onell.soto@uniontrib.com ]

September 10, 2004

They stink. Literally and figuratively. Moldy bonds and bills that con artists used to try to bilk seniors were on display in downtown San Diego yesterday, the loot from two ( 2 ) recent seizures by federal fraud cops.

The notes / bonds and bills are dated 1934 and bear incredible denominations of:

$500,000 thousand;
$100,000,000 million;
$500,000,000 million; plus,

Portraits, of:

- Ulysses S. Grant ( former U.S. President ); and,

- Salmon P. Chase ( former U.S. Treasury Secretary whose bank business namesake became known, as: CHASE BANK ).

One [ 1 ] set was seized last month [ August 2004 ] in a San Diego bound FEDERAL EXPRESS ( FedEX ) delivery service shipment from the Philippines, agents said. The moldy bonds were hidden among pages of a photo album.

Four [ 4 ] other sets were turned over this summer [ 2004 ] by a lawyer who said he got them from an El Cajon, California, USA man indicted in Indiana, USA on fraud charges, said Daniel Burke, who heads a fraud Task Force with U.S. [ Department Of Homeland Security – DHS ] Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ ICE ].

"Absent the story, absent the sales pitch, a normal person should believe they're bogus," he said.

Oh, the story. That's the key to understanding how crooks use these documents. In both these cases, they told potential victims the notes / bonds were recently recovered by Filipino tribes from a 1934 era CIA [ Central Intelligence Agency ] owned DC-10 airplane that crashed, killing all aboard, Burke said. The U.S. government was sending the notes / bonds in a secret effort to help the China government, the story goes. Only people with connections can cash the bonds, and investors can buy in for a few thousand dollars, getting three [ 3 ] to five [ 5 ] times their money back. And, because of the secrecy, the U.S. government will deny their authenticity.

A little common sense reveals the lie behind the story:

- McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft jets did not exist during the 1930s, nor did the CIA [ Central Intelligence Agency ]; and,

- The U.S. government never printed notes, bonds or money in such amounts.

"People don't use their common sense," Burke said. There are other clues:

- ZIP codes, printed on some of the notes / bonds, did not exist during the 1930s;
- Former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant 'only appears' on a U.S. $50 dollar bill, not a U.S. $500,000,000 million dollar note / bond;
- Although former U.S. Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase 'does appear' on a U.S. $10,000 dollar bill, exclusively used by banks, but no longer produced; and,
- The largest currency printed 'in the past' was the U.S. $100,000 dollar note, but it was exclusively used only by banks.

- The largest currency printed 'today' is the U.S. $100 dollar bill.

Forensic scientists have not examined the notes, bonds and bills displayed yesterday but determined similar documents were produced on computer printers within the past 10-years, he said. Tricksters tried to make them look old by getting them wet and moldy.


"All part of the scam," said Michael Unzueta, Acting Special Agent In Charge [ SAIC ] of the San Diego, California, USA field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ ICE ].


No local victims have been identified and no arrests have been made 'directly related' to the notes, bonds and bills displayed yesterday, the agents said, requesting victims to call authorities. *

Daniel Burke, who - while working in Denver, Colorado, USA - investigated a case involving bogus notes / bonds several years ago, said cheats target senior citizens with fat retirement accounts. The Denver, Colorado case - a sting operation - fell apart because sellers eventually offered the notes / bonds as "historical documents" not guaranteed by the U.S. federal government. Jurors could not agree that a crime had taken place.

In the local cases, the San Diego, California man [ lawyer ], who was to receive the album with the hidden notes / bonds, agreed to cooperate with authorities and has not been arrested, Burke said.


Orin Aune, the El Cajon, California man who authorities say gave the lawyer four [ 4 ] boxes, with the other bonds, is being prosecuted in Indiana, USA on fraud charges in a case involving bogus U.S. $100,000,000 million notes / bills.

According to the indictment, Orin Aune passed himself off as the Sultanate to Sula and North Borneo and the Deputy Minister of Finance for the non-existent country.

Orin Aune also took part in a conference call with a potential investor.

Federal officials say they get calls about the notes / bonds most frequently from the Far East and cite three [ 3 ] case convictions in the United States involving the fake notes / bonds.

They also note a 2002 Court of Appeals decision from a lawsuit filed by the Holders - of some of the notes / bonds - against the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago that refused to cash the bonds. Federal U.S. Court Justices called the claims "preposterous," noting the U.S. national debt in 1934 was $28,000,000,000 billion, and they say the reason why few scammers have been prosecuted is "because no one could possibly be deceived by such obvious nonsense."



SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

* To learn more about how U.S. federal officials discover fraudulent use of fake, bogus, phony, counterfeit or stolen government regulated bank notes, bonds, certificates, bills and other government securities visit the website of the U.S. Department of the Treasury [ http://www.treasuryscams.gov ] and/or to officially report suspected financial instrument documents or the fraudulent use thereof contact the United States Immigration And Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) via telephone [ +1 (866) 347-2423 ( toll free ) ].

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CIRCA: Last Updated: August 13, 2010 - 6:07:07 AM

Subject: Response to Ben Fulford's Latest
By: WhistleBlower

Aug 11, 2010 - 9:44:12 AM

Dear Candace,

Reference to the recent article of Ben Fulford, as referred to below, published on Rumor Mill News ( RMN ). It is considered that this article provokes and warrants a full response in the interests of the public. Please be kind enough to post same to AbundantHope. I have, for the sake of informing the public, included the full article of Fulford's below.

Date: Tuesday, 10-Aug-2010 14:29:26
Subject: ** Ben Fulford: "United Nations, Alan Greenspan now implicated in $134.5 billion bond scandal" / OITC **
Posted By: hobie

United Nations, Alan Greenspan now implicated in $134.5 billion bond scandal

An international investigation of what is certain to be the largest financial fraud in history ( involving at least $1 trillion ) is now implicating former US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, according to CIA, MI6, Opus Dei and Interpol sources.

This scandal at the heart of the secret world of global high finance made a brief entry into the public conscious in June, 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion worth of government bonds were detained in Italy. The corporate propaganda media wrote about this incident before dismissing it by saying the "bonds were fraudulent." These corporate so-called journalists failed to follow up on why the Japanese individuals, Watanabe and Yamaguchi, were carrying diplomatic passports. That meant their arrest was illegal and that the Italian authorities did not have the right to confiscate the bonds.

The Italy government tried to sell the bonds to the China government at 40% of their face value but the Chinese said that if they bought the bonds the Italians would also then have to pay back their debts to China. The Italian authorities realized this would bankrupt Italy. Instead, the Italians then asked a Vatican Banker by the name of Daniele Dal Bosco to try to sell the bonds back to their original owners, an organization known as the Dragon Family, at 10% of their face value. The Dragon family refused to buy back their own bonds.

However, Daniele Dal Bosco, a member of the Monte Carlo P2 Freemason Lodge, was instead asked by a Dragon Family agent to act as custodian for an additional $1 trillion worth of bonds.

These bonds are a combination of Kennedy Bonds, Federal Reserve Notes and Japanese government bonds that the Dragon family was trying to keep out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Board.

High ranking members of the United Nations then approached Daniele Dal Bosco and offered him $100 million to hand them the bonds. This transaction was stopped by White Dragon Society agents.

Daniele Dal Bosco then absconded with those bonds and turned to an organization known as the Office of International Treasury Control [ OITC ].


Using the OITC name, Dal Bosco then tried to cash the bonds with the Vatican, the Italian government and, again, the United Nations.

However, an investigation of the OITC by international criminal authorities revealed the organization to be a sophisticated fraud.


The nominal head of the OITC is a Cambodia nationale of royal blood by the name of R.C. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ]. Mr. Dam was at one point recognized as having the nominal rights to a large pool of gold owned by the various Royal Families of the world.

However, these rights have long since been rescinded and the OITC has for years now operated as a fraudulent organization.

UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon has been implicated because the OITC has defrauded at least three countries and an unknown number of individuals by claiming to have UN backing.

The UN never, until the current investigation began, denied its affiliation with the OITC. Investigators are now awaiting a formal response from Ban Ki Moon because, they say, he personally tried to help Daniele Dal Bosco cash the bonds. The UN, the BIS [ Bank for International Settlements ] and the U.S. Federal Reserve Board all now say the OITC is a fraud.

Investigators in the US and the UK have now confirmed the two Japanese were fooled by a group headed by Alan Greenspan into bringing the bonds from Italy to Switzerland.

Greenspan's cabal was planning from the very beginning to seize the bonds and cash them.

Many of these bonds are linked to the attempt by former US President John Kennedy to return the money creating powers of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board to the American people.

The Feds attempt to get their hands on these bonds and cash them was blocked by an international team of investigators including members of the Japanese Security Police, MI6, the CIA, Interpol, other government agencies and various secret societies including MJ12, the White Dragon Society and certain Freemason groups.

The Vatican is now denying any link to Daniele Del Bosco and a representative of Opus Dei told an investigator affiliated with the White Dragon Society that "we will get the bonds back for you but do not ask about what happens to Del Bosco."

Daniele Dal Bosco is now believed to be hiding somewhere in Italy, probably the town of Negrar outside of Verona.

There is a large international meeting scheduled in Washington at the end of this month to deal with ongoing financial war these bonds are an integral part of. It is looking very much like the end game for the Federal Reserve Board and their puppets in Washington D.C. The nightmare is finally ending.


Mr Fulford, you have certainly excelled yourself with this article that is full of supposition, conjecture and falsities, and for which a full response is warranted from me.

I should also note herein, for the purpose of public interest, that you should be awarded "First Prize" on this one for the biggest load of Conjecture, Supposition, and Falsities, for the purpose of misleading the public at large, which have been publicized for many years.

I would like to say Mr Fulford, that "you have learnt well little one" in the art of Chinese philosophy, referring specifically to the "attack as a means of defence", but, if I may say so, your attack is totally unjustified and one that will probably haunt you for a very long time.

You see Mr Fulford, we have not been standing idling by doing nothing on this issue, whereby our own investigations reference to all the persons involved have been continuing in earnest, to supplement our already substantial records of this matter. These persons include, you, Akihiko Yamaguchi, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, Neil Francis Keenan, General Keith Alexander, General Myers, Bill Clinton, Hans Horst, Dona Abdurrahim, Ibrahim Ghonaim, Guiseppe, and many others involved in this enormous unlawful and illicit operation which you claim, without any proof whatsoever, is lawful in an attempt to legitimise the unlawful activities you are involved with, and to defend yourself and the others involved.

From previous investigations ( 2005 ) it has been established from official records that Akihiko Yamaguchi was indeed an Official at the Japan Ministry of Finance back in 1983. However, based upon the illegal acts performed by him whilst in the employ of the Ministry of Finance, he was arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned for a very serious Fraud he had committed. He spent 12-years, approximately, in prison being released 1996 / 1997, only to carry on with his fraudulent activities in his own right as a "Broker". Akihiko Yamaguchi has passed these instruments, unlawfully I add, by an ex Finance Minister of Japan, Mr Hiroshi Mitsuzuka and Ex Prime Minister of Japan, Mr Keizo Obuchi.


It is not known whether this was a direct or indirect passing.


Both the ex Minister of Finance, Mr Hiroshi Mitsuzuka and the ex Prime Minister, Mr Keizo Obuchi are now deceased persons. The cause of death is not known but I do question whether it was by the traditional Japanese Method based upon any involvement by them within unlawful activities, or whether it was natural.

If Akihiko Yamaguchi had any credibility at all he would be able, based upon his former position at the Japanese Ministry of Finance, to walk into any top world rated bank anywhere in the world with total confidence and without fear. However, this is not the case Mr Fulford, whereby, based upon the fact of his criminal record, Akihiko Yamaguchi has no alternative but to utilize innocent and naïve persons, who generally would be referred to as "Financial Brokers", in his attempts to utilize these Bonds / Certificates for personal financial gain, both for himself and all others involved, including you Mr. Fulford, as listed upon the detailed list of payments, in our possession executed by Akihiko Yamaguchi, to be made from the returns of "Trade", with only 10% actually being used for projects.

Mr Mitsuyoshi Watanabe appears to have similar defects. Formerly an officer with Merrill Lynch Bank, he now accompanies Akihiko Yamaguchi on all the travels abroad.

Why, if this is totally genuine, as claimed by you Mr Fulford, do they not go direct to Merrill Lynch. Perhaps it is because they can not do so based upon past unlawful activities, and the fact that both Yamaguchi and Watanabe are "Blacklisted" which would be a reasonable assumption by anyone, under the circumstances.

Please allow me to make another point Mr Fulford, that being, and as officially stated and documented, quote " The U.S. Treasury Department as well as Federal Reserve Bank do rule out that YAMAGUCHI and WATANABE are ( or have been ) reliable employees or co-workers, and more precisely, that neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor the Federal Reserve System do make use of dismissed agents or reliable staff in order to act in their name".

Let me also reiterate to you Mr. Fulford, something written by yourself both on the Community Boards and in personal correspondence to me, quote "Our group includes a China secret society with over 6,000,000 million members ( including 1,800,000 million gangsters, 100,000 assassins and Politburo members ), the British Royal Family and their Freemasons, the Sicily black nobility ( who control the Vatican and the Mafia ), the Black Dragon ( kokuryu ??? ) Society, the Japan Yakuza and others. The Black Dragon and China Secret societies combined can mobilize, if necessary, the 100,000,000 million people currently associated with martial arts societies around the world".

In your own words Mr Fulford, "1.8 million Gangsters, 100,000 Assassins, Sicilian Black Nobility who control the Vatican and Mafia, Yakuza, and others". This is not something that any sensible, or normal person, would want to quote in their Curriculum Vitae Mr Fulford, is it?

Let me also quote part of a transcript of a verbal conversation ( recorded ) you had with a person on this issue Mr. Fulford, and yes, you should not be at all surprised to know we do have numerous transcripts of conversations by Yamaguchi, Watanabe, and you Mr Fulford, all related to the issue of these Bonds confiscated on the Switzerland / Italy border last year [ 2009 ]. Neither should you rule out the possibility of other conversations being monitored.

Now I will quote part of the transcript of your conversation, which you instigated Mr. Fulford at precisely 10:57:44 on May 22, 2010 ( Note: the name of the receiver of your call is removed for security purpose to protect the identity of that person ), quote:

[ 11.14.15 ] Daniele Dal Bosco: do you know exactly who contacted OITC?

[ 11.38.17 ] Benjamin Fulford: There is one more message I have been asked to pass on. If you return the bonds to the dragon family you will get at least $200 million.

Apparently the Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan. China, Japan and Taiwan want to cash the bonds and spend them on helping Europe and the rest of the world develop their economies. Again, this is from the Japan government and the Chinese, not from Neil Francis Keenan.

[ 11.40.13 ] Benjamin Fulford: Several different people are contacting the OITC. They want to take them to court.

The question are, Mr Fulford ... WHY should it worry or concern you as to who contacted us?

You, Mr, Fulford, have confirmed a statement made by Mr. Neil Keenan, whereby you state, quote:


"Apparently the Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan"


Whereas Neil Keenan states, quote:


"The Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan", the difference being the word "Apparently".

Neil F. Keenan, in communications we have on record, confirms he is negotiating with the Federal Reserve in conjunction with General Keith Alexander, General Myers and Bill Clinton for the very same reason as stated by both you and Neil Keenan, being, so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan.

So Mr. Fulford, both you and Neil F. Keenan are actively involved in an international felony, being the unlawful intent to subvert the payment of a debt by one country to another country via the unlawful use / utilization assets legally and lawfully owned by a third party under international treaties, furthermore an unlawful act from which you and others receive a substantial financial gain.

I will state, without any reservation whatsoever, that what both you and Neil Keenan state, "( Apparently ) the Federal Reserve Board wants to buy the bonds and scrap them so they will not have to pay back the money they owe to China, Taiwan and Japan", is the very situation that exists and has existed for many years. America, via the Federal Reserve, and others, are, in one way or another, as is also confirmed by the Executive Orders issued by former President Ronald Reagan; intends to take possession of these certificates / financial instruments, purposely, so that they do not have to pay back their debt.

The only difference between yours and Neil Keenan's statement, and reality, is that the Debt is payable to the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, as legal owners of these Bonds under International Treaty executed by the Nations of the World, not China, Taiwan, and Japan as claimed in yours and the Neil Keenan statement.

We, Mr. Fulford, the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ], which is the very organisation you are decrying and attempting to discredit, will not allow that to happen as the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility is for use by every country of the world for the benefit of the people of the world, not for evading debt by theft and subversion.

The final question on the final part of your recorded conversation is, "Several different people are contacting the OITC. They want to take them to court", that being the case, why is it that no one has contacted us in any form or at any time, as we stand ready to receive them personally at any mutually convenient time and date?

I would now like to attend to some of the points within your latest article.

a ). the Japanese individuals, Watanabe and Yamaguchi, were carrying diplomatic passports. That meant their arrest was illegal and that the Italian authorities did not have the right to confiscate the bonds.

Diplomatic Immunity is only applicable for acts undertaken in the course of duties or obligations undertaken as a Diplomat.

Such Immunity is invalid and unenforceable in respect of acts, whether lawful or unlawful, undertaken outside the defined duties of a Diplomat, in which case the Country issuing the Diplomatic Passport is liable.

What Yamaguchi and Watanabe were doing was unlawful, and as they are not engaged officially by the government of Japan, such diplomatic immunity can not be enforced.

Besides being in possession of stolen property, it is unlawful in Europe to carry Financial Instruments, whether in original or copy form, across the National borders of European countries.

b ). Instead, the Italians then asked a Vatican banker by the name of Daniele Dal Bosco. Mr. Dal Bosco is not a Banker. He is in fact a Financial Consultant working independently within a normal commercial market place. In fact he is another innocent person coerced into fraud by Yamaguchi, Watanabe and Keenan, by the "Sweet Talk" of "Money and Humanitarian projects".

c ). These bonds are a combination of Kennedy Bonds, U.S. Federal Reserve Notes and Japan government bonds that the Dragon family was trying to keep out of the hands of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. That, Mr Fulford, is a contradistinction based upon what Neil Keenan, and indirectly you, have previously stated, whereby Keenan was actively dealing with the Federal Reserve via General Keith Alexander, General Myers and Bill Clinton.

Neil Francis Keenan was the person, an Irish America living in Bulgaria that was passed these bonds by Yamaguchi and refers to himself as an appointed Agent of the Dragon Family, which is another contradiction with what you state above Mr Fulford, quote, "the Dragon family was trying to keep out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Board".

d ). Daniele Dal Bosco then absconded with those bonds and turned to an organization known as the Office of International Treasury Control [ OITC ]. There was no absconding at all by anyone at any time. Mr Dal Bosco, suspicious of the nature of these Bonds and fully aware of what had happened ( Search Warrants and Arrest Warrants issued) against / the other Italian. Nationals who were in similar situations, contacted us for information and various clarifications following which Mr. Daniele Dal Bosco passed, quite rightly and in protection of his own person, these documents to his lawyers, who are in the process of verifying the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ] through official channels.

It is as simple as that Mr Fulford. Absconding indeed ... Nothing of the sort Mr Fulford.

e ). However, an investigation of the OITC by international criminal authorities revealed the organization to be a sophisticated fraud. The nominal head of the OITC is a Cambodia nationale of royal blood by the name of R.C. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ]. Mr. Dam was at one point recognized as having the nominal rights to a large pool of gold owned by the various Royal Families of the world. However, these rights have long since been rescinded and the OITC has for years now operated as a fraudulent organization.

For your information Mr Fulford, and indeed for the information of the public, the International Law Enforcement Agencies, which includes, all National Intelligence Agencies [ NIA ], INTERPOL and National Police Agencies, even down to the Serious Fraud Office in London, are fully aware of us, and are fully aware that we offer ourselves, and have offered ourselves, for arrest at anytime (As publicly offered on many Web Community Boards by any person, party, or Law Enforcement Agency anywhere in the World.

To date, Mr Fulford, no one, and I repeat NO ONE, has taken up the gauntlet and sought our arrest or the arrest of any officer of the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ].

As for the "Rights" you refer to Mr Fulford, please take note that such rights, which are still in existence and valid, can only be removed by consent and International Agreement between the very Group of Nations of the World that appointed H.E. Dr. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ] on January 20, 1995. Such rights can not be subverted, extinguished, overruled, nullified, at any time, by any person or party, Court whether Supreme Court or even the International Court of Justice, or by any agreement between two or more parties not privy to the very Group of Nations who approved and assented to the appointment of H.E. Dr. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ].

You have also previously stated that H.E. Dr. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ] is currently living within the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand that is again, Mr Fulford, another complete fabrication by you. H.E. Dr. Dam [ Ray Chhat Dam ] has never resided in the Royal Palace in Thailand.

f ). the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ] has defrauded at least three [ 3 ] countries and an unknown number of individuals by claiming to have UN backing.That, Mr Fulford, is a complete fabrication and you know it. You have apparently gleaned that information from some of the dubious websites, or speculative press articles from Local press organizations.

If I were you Mr Fulford I would seek legal clarification of the words "Fraud" and "Defrauded" because you are obviously unaware on the legal definition of same.

If, what you say holds any foundation whatsoever, which it doesn't, then WHY have the countries involved not taken action against the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ] , which can be undertaken through the International Courts of Justice [ ICJ ] as Countries are Sovereign States, and the OITC is a Sovereign Entity so it is more than possible - it is actually possible to take such action in the ICJ.

At the same time, you have made this statement so perhaps you ought to prove such a statement publicly, but I suggest you attend to same using a very good lawyer because your claims are totally false and can be proven to be false.

g ). The Feds attempt to get their hands on these bonds and cash them was blocked by an international team of investigators including members of the Japan Security Police,

MI6, the CIA, Interpol, other government agencies and various secret societies including MJ12, the White Dragon Society and certain Freemason groups.

Yet another contradiction, especially when Keenan, another member of your group which you have acknowledged, was in negotiations with the Federal Reserve via General Keith Alexander, General Myers, and Bill Clinton.

It was, Mr Fulford, the actions of individuals suspicious of the Bonds and Keenan, the action of the Italian Financial Police and the Courts, and the actions of the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ] that have prevented these Bonds from being gained, or accessed, by the Federal Reserve, coupled with many years of investigations by us.

You can also be assured Mr Fulford that contact has been made with General Haan of the Black Dragon Society in respect of this matter and whose response speaks for itself, quote:

"We had been lost some thing and documents from some betrayers that were my active members before. Any one claim to be Signatory for the Dragon Fund will have been illegal and be penalties with Dragon Family, International laws , FED , and UN. Again, we respectfully confident to you and grateful with deeply soul to you I wish bests to you and your family."

h ). Daniele Dal Bosco is now believed to be hiding somethere in Italy, probably the town of Negrar outside of Verona.

I don't see anyone hiding, as you claim Mr Fulford. In fact everything is very open and transparent as it can be with all parties involved and the authorities are aware that Mr. Dal Bosco travels frequently with no impediment from the authorities at all.

i ). There is a large international meeting scheduled in Washington at the end of this month to deal with ongoing financial war these bonds are an integral part of. It is looking very much like the end game for the Federal Reserve Board and their puppets in Washington D.C. The nightmare is finally ending.

These Bonds are indeed part of the ongoing war within the Financial World. A war Mr Fulford, that you and your associates are deeply involved with in your attempts to subvert and destroy the financial systems of the world, and numerous International Treaties, by your unlawful acts, or actions.

Yes, I will agree that the fundamental problems of the International Financial Systems need to be seriously addressed and changes to the said International Financial Systems need to be undertaken for the sake of the whole world. However, none of this can be implemented through unlawful acts by you and your associates Mr Fulford, as you appear to condone and are fully active within.

At this juncture, I would like to address one other issue Mr Fulford.

You have on many occasions publicly stated about a New International Financial System to be introduced, of which your Chinese and Japanese friends, the Rothschlds, Vatican and others are involved. Yet, you have never published, or made available to the public any document, or documents, that give even the slightest hint of what you and your group are proposing.

We, the OITC [ Office of International Treasury Control ], have worked relentlessly on this very issue, utilizing the assets of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility as the Collateral backing for a New Assets Backed International Monetary Unity, and New International Financial System, the retention of all National Currencies that would be initially backed by assets of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, and so on.

We have, at least, publicized the basic platform on this, in the form of two Video Presentations, which can be downloaded from our Website, so that members of the public can see what is proposed and make comment on, because once again Mr Fulford we are as open and transparent as we possibly can be, which is something that does not be applicable to you or your group.

The public, Mr Fulford, do not want to be thrown from one hot frying pan into another hot frying pan, and end up being badly burned as they have within the existing Financial System.

It therefore must be seriously questioned as to what your proposals are for this New International Financial System you refer to, and what are the assets you are anticipating to back this New system and Currency.

No doubt, you and your group are intending to, again, gain unlawful access to the assets of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility and use such assets for your proposals, which can only bring further problems and anxiety to the public at large when it is realized that the assets backing your proposals are in fact assets own by a Third Party which your group has stolen, is stealing, or using illegally.

Finally, we can support everything we have stated herein and previously on this matter, from the mountains of information, official and non-official gained from our investigations since 2005.

You and your colleagues Mr Fulford are up to your necks in this enormous unlawful activity and we have the proof.

The latter point, Mr Fulford, brings me to one final point. You did state in a previous article that I would be hearing from your lawyers regarding defamation against you.

Please ask your lawyers to get their act together because I have heard nothing at all at this juncture and am patiently waiting.

Maybe I will also hear from the lawyers acting for the other parties herein that I have named, which previously remained unnamed. That being the case, I / We look forward to it because you can be assured Mr Fulford, that we have all the evidence necessary, irrespective of the garbage you inflict of the public via the Web Community Boards, and your own reviews, by subscription.


- -

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by ©2005-2010 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here




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upintelligence wrote on Sep 21, '10

An interesting perspective on the $134 billion / $135 billion in bonds seized at the train border station in Chiasso, Italy near the Switzerland border / frontier crossing ( below ):

$134 Billion Suitcase Bomb
by, E.P. Heidner

June 22, 2009

For two decades, U.S. security forces worried endlessly about the surfacing of the infamous ‘suitcase nuclear weapons’ built by the Soviet Union. In June 2009, a suitcase carrying a weapon of mass destruction - $134 billion of bearer bonds – was confiscated as it was being smuggled into Switzerland. Without any additional reported facts – which seems to be where this story will end-up - the source and destination of the $134 billion in bearer bonds will probably remain a mystery.


There are however, adequate clues in the initial reports to provide insight for speculation:

1. An extremely powerful organization is making a major commitment to a financial strategy with global implications. Given the value of the bonds in question, this strategy is certainly being backed with a nod and wink by a central bank or treasury somewhere. The bonds are designated as intergovernmental, and somewhere in the process, a U.S. central bank or Treasury official would have been required to support the scam, if it indeed it was a scam. Any one organizing a scam of this magnitude would have considered and planned for verification of the bonds – meaning someone in the U.S. Treasury is involved in this. Otherwise, one has to question why anyone would create such perfect and expensive forgeries with such a fatal flaw in execution of the plan;

2. The Italian police were "trailing" the holders of the bonds, suggesting a long term investigation was behind the arrests. Discovering these bonds was not an accident, and there is a lot more information to be had but is not being released;

3. The Italian police or press referenced a ‘bond scam’ being run by the ‘Mafia’ with the Venezuela Central bank, accusations for which the bank has denied any involvement. The Venezuelan Central bank would not be the bank validating the legitimacy of the bonds, but as explained below, would be the initial target.

4. The two carriers with Japanese passports displayed the behavior of typical low level, dispensable resources who were allowed to be released from incarceration, and subsequently disappeared. ( Odd, since a $134 billion of bonds illegally deployed can do more damage than a small nuclear weapon, and even a phony nuclear device will keep you in prison for a long time ). Whoever is behind the trafficking has a lot of ‘influence’ with multiple government agencies;

5. Significant press coverage has been totally stifled, considering the potential risk for global devastation this ‘suitcase bomb’ had. The five corporations that control most of the western media are all tightly linked in a network that supports U.S. covert operations.1 The Mafia does not have that level of influence. – the U.S. and Israel governments do.

Can the bonds be real?

There is a lot of speculation on the internet that these bonds are not forgeries, given that neither Italy nor Germany officials thought they were forgeries, but there are those nagging facts indicating it is impossible for them to be real, unless they were issued covertly.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury denied the bonds are real. [ ( ‘not’ true ) ]

There are a lot of internet bloggers that want to discount the possibility that these bonds are real, simply on the basis of "there is no official record of these existing."

So what pieces of data do we have that suggest that the U.S. government has covertly issued bonds in that order of magnitude in the past? At this point of course, it all depends on who you chose to believe, the officials of the U.S. government, or independent historians and researchers.

1. Starting with the research in "Gold Warriors," by Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave documenting how the Imperial Treasury of Japan was confiscated by U.S. bankers and President Truman in the aftermath of World War II, and subsequently the balance taken from former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos in 1985 by Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Henry Kissinger. Estimates vary, but at one point we have estimates that can put the value of 'that treasury' at easily over $200 billion. Under international law, confiscation was illegal so, there are not a lot of U.S. officials stepping up to admit this.2

2. Then move the story line to Mrs. V.K. Durham, wife of widely reported CIA covert fund manager Russell Hermann, who claims - in sworn testimony, and provides actual documents of the transfers - that Alan Greenspan and George Bush - with the assistance of GOLDMAN SACHS - generated around $240 billion in covert bonds in 1991. Documents show the bonds were sent to Israel where they were converted to Japan yen and Germany deutschemarks.3

3. Following on Mrs. Durham’s claims, readers may research the status of the deutschemark [ DM ] in 1991 when, from 1990 to 1991, the Bundesbank increased it’s currency printing costs from DM 190 million to DM 331 million while increasing the interest rates to reduce money supply. Germany monetary policy failed inexplicably in this timeframe 4, unless one considers $120 billion in deutschemarks created covertly by Alan Greenspan, George Bush, Rubin and Friedman.

4. Move the story line to Andrei Kozlov, first deputy chief of Russia's Central Bank, who was heading an investigation into the loss and reported the theft at 400 billion rubles from the Russia Central Bank in 1991. ( Not to be confused with a similar scam run out of Chechniya in 1992 on a much smaller order of magnitude ). These rubles were stolen by someone putting 'hard currency securities' in remote Chechniya banks as collateral for Russia loans and then making the collateral notes disappear from the remote banks at the same time the funds were being withdrawn. At the time, official exchange rates, 400 billion rubles was about $240 billion.5

5. Turn then to the highly respected consultant to the CIA, Claire Sterling who unabashedly points out that the collapse of Russia in 1991 was directly managed by intelligence agencies. "The fact that scarcely anyone outside Russia has heard of the Great Ruble Scam may be explained partly by its seemingly unbelievable details, but partly, too, by Western reluctance to touch exquisitely sensitive political nerves. Western governments rejoicing in the collapse of the evil empire wanted to assume, and to all appearances did assume, that all the evils in an emerging democracy emanated from politicians identified with the fallen communist state. Not one was prepared to acknowledge indelicate evidence to the contrary. The ability of three [ 3 ] or four [ 4 ] characters to mount such a planet wide operation, their extraordinary impact on what was still a world superpower, and their singular immunity from beginning to end suggest the guiding hand of not just one, but several intelligence agencies." 6

6. Look at the widely unreported claims that in the 1990s, the United States covertly introduced hundreds of tonnes of gold into the market on at least four [ 4 ] occasions, representing somewhere between $120 billion to $140 billion in bonds.7 The two [ 2 ] lawsuits that could have opened this story were shut down prematurely – FBI records related to the Reginald Howe lawsuit were destroyed on [ September 11, 2001 ] 9/11, and a similar suit by Donald W. Doyle of BLANCHARD - where BARRICK GOLD was a primary defendant - was settled out of court in 2006 and sealed under agreement.

7. General Earl Cock ‘deathbed’ deposition in April 2000 describes the CITI BANK (aka) CITIBANK and John Reed central involvement in Project Hammer in the last quarter of 1991 as being funded with $223 billion dollars, mostly CIA moneys. Gen. Cocke also referenced 'baby bonds' used to collaterize these funds, which are 10-year bonds. Gen. Cocke describes the source of these funds as "accounts, participants or players" with the accounts converting to bank ownership upon the death of the controlling party, and then to the government. This matches exactly what Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave claim happens to the gold accounts opened by agents of the United States. 8

These historical facts have been summarized to illustrate that the U.S. government does indeed have and move massive amounts of currency around covertly because the objectives of these financial manipulations run counter to United States law, and the origins of these funds are illegal. No nation will admit criminality until the statute of limitations runs out.

The next question requiring an answer then is, "Why would covert pro-U.S. forces be running these bonds?" While the hypothesis of the bonds being used to claim TARP [ Troubled Assets Relief Program ] funds is interesting, the strategy of substituting one form of worthless U.S. debt for another does not seem plausible. On the other hand, there is a rich history of that linking the plot to Venezuela, as original press reports did.

Bonds and Venezuela Oil

The international movement of major blocks of capital has at least twice before been associated with the takeover of large oil interests. The great success of the 1991 covert bond issuance was the transfer of ownership of Russia oil and gas interests to western investors cloaked behind holding companies and offshore banks. 9


In 1998, the collapse of the Russia market - that drove the LTCM financial crisis - was again engineered in an effort to force the Russians into a debt for equity swap for the Baltic Oil pipeline.


The 1998 gambit failed, and Russia simply defaulted on their debt rather than turn over control of the pipeline, and shortly thereafter, U.S. - Russia relations began an ongoing deterioration.

One can look at additional covert financial programs where governments were unhinged by engineered financial crises:

Chile ( in the 1980s ) and Mexico ( in the 1990s ) where previously ‘nationalized companies’ were returned to private investors in debt for equity swaps.10 The beneficiaries of this were privileged western investors who took over restructured operations that were rebuilt with taxpayer dollars from Russia, Chile and Mexico – and did so for pennies on the dollars.

This history is relevant because a similar scenario is unfolding today in Venezuela where an array of unknown western based investors are converting U.S. debt into Venezuela debt in an illegal market with the expectation that a crushing debt load will drive Venezuela President Hugo Chavez out of office, and force Venezuela to swap equity in its primary valuable asset, the Venezuela government oil company PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA S.A. ( PdVSA ) to satisfy its growing debt. Key to understanding this strategy is that the exchange market where this is occurring is ambiguously legal for some purposes, and more often than not illegal for most purposes.


Currency exchange for Venezuelan ‘bolivars’ is tightly regulated by the Hugo Chavez led Venezuela government to prevent capital flight and tax avoidance, and for Venezuelans to get dollars through the official channels for purposes that do not align with Chavez’s vision of social investment is very expensive.


As a result, dollars are in high demand, and are procured through an officially sanctioned back-door.

The Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ( permuta ) in which Venezuela denominated bonds can be swapped for dollar denominated bonds at an uncontrolled rate in a market, and that exchange consist of hundreds of small ‘cambios’ that collect demand and funnel them through large money aggregators. A lot of this demand – but not all - is illegal under Venezuela law. Hence, the bonds brought to the exchange for Venezuela debt are being laundered under less than stringent governance, making bonds like those confiscated in Chiasso, Italy more likely to be accepted in these swaps.

Led by Hugo Chavez, the Venezuela government is gambling that the U.S. dollar being devalued, while on the other hand western investors are betting the Hugo Chavez hold on Venezuela political power will be disrupted before U.S. dollars collapse.

The largest permuta [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ] money-laundering appeared led by a former U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE ( Atlanta, Georgia ) regulatory officer in charge of several Latin America countries, through ROSEMONT P. CORPORATION ( Florida, USA ) also known as ROSEMONT MONEY SERVICES, and although he was recently indicted for money-laundering, the ‘parallel market’ ( the newest euphemism for ‘black market’ ) continues albeit at a more constrained pace.

ROSEMONT was indicted for accepting $900,000 of narcotics money to move through the permuta process, preliminarily indicating the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ) indictment may not hold whereas the indictment was meant to disable a major player amidst the 'exchange mechanism' rather than cripple any particular drug cartel. Disrupting the exchange mechanism impedes the flow of capital to the Hugo Chavez led Venezuela government. This impediment creates inabilities for the Hugo Chavez regime to compensate foreign contractors, forcing them to shut off support for the Venezuela state run oil industry, which in turn reduces oil production and thus Venezuela revenues.

Seven [ 7 ] of nine [ 9 ] offshore oil rigs have been shut down in this manner while the remaining two [ 2 ] may probably be shut down in the near future.

As the Venezuela economy is destabilized with less oil revenue, there is increased likelihood of another coup attempt.

Investors have seen this scenario before, in Chile ( 1980s ) and Mexico in ( 1990s ), where government takeovers by upper classes ousted democracies inclined to support interests of broader constituencies, by causing mass civil unrest through economic destabilization.

In the wake of those upper class takeovers, nationalized assets were exchanged for nation’s foreign debt - usually at prices significantly enriching foreign investors at indigenous taxpayer [ domestic citizen's ] expense.

The appearance of massive large blocks of U.S. bonds - 'counterfeit' or 'legitimate' - involved with the 'permuta' [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ] money-laundering process suggests a single [ one ( 1 ) ] player attempt(s) to dominate this market.

"No one truly understands what the source of the dollars are in these transactions. Most of the money is coming from offshore accounts," said Brian Stoeckert, who runs an anti-money laundering consulting firm."11

By shutting down the big players involved with the permuta exchange [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' / money-laundering process ], and then bringing in new and controlled exchange players, covert operatives can start aggregating Venezuela debt with virtually no risk by using bonds where such authenticity can either be denied - if necessary - or argued as 'legitimate' - if necessary.

International debt settlement happens behind locked doors, and no one ever gets to find out what the settlement terms are.12

Most of the funds and individuals who were behind the 1991 takeover of Russia oil are still around, and represent the most likely candidates for running this scenario again.13

This scenario is classic U.S. government covert foreign policy, i.e. disrupt the economy and force the democratic government into debt, drive the debt to unmanageable proportions and then cut off funding and call in the loans.

The ensuing economic disruptions result in a takeover and force the government into bankruptcy proceedings. Western investors take over key national assets for pennies on the dollar. This strategy is tried, tested and trusted.

Who then, might one ask, replaces the ROSEMONT P CORPORATION. Fortunately, J AROM, the subsidiary of GOLDMAN SACHS that deals with its foreign exchange business is in an enviable position. Because of its oil and coffee trading business, J ARON has numerous contacts in Venezuela. Because of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Act [ CFT Act ] Rule 35, these bond swap trades fall into the category of 'unregulated business'.14 GOLDMAN SACHS clearly has the connections to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In 1991, it was Rubin and Friedman, of GOLDMAN SACHS, whom facilitated the George Bush / Alan Greenspan issuance of covert bonds.15 While plausible, of course this is only speculation.


1. See, e.g. Who Controls the Media? Professor John Lye ( October 8, 2004 ); National Organization of Women [ NOW ]; also, see Chapter 13, THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Final Report of the Investigation Into the Murders of Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley by, EP Heidner ( 2008 ).

2. See, e.g. Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold, Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Verso, 2005, p. 358. Most cursory reviews of this amount forget that 280,000 tonnes is less than 140-years of annual production. When one considers that treasuries and personal fortunes of SouthEast Asia and China were plundered over 50-years by the Japan army, this number should not be inconceivable.

3. V.K. Durham presents substantial photographic evidence of these crimes on her website, and it can also be located at the website of Tom Flocco as well. See, e.g.
http://www.theantechamber.net/ also conduct a "VK Durham" search engine query.

4. The Bundesbank: The Bank the Rules Europe ( 1992 ) by, David Marsh, Mandarin Paperbacks, pp 24 and 85.

5. "The West is not very highly concerned with the threat of cyber terrorism," Regnum News Agency, December 15, 2006, http://www.regnum.ru/english/749825.html

6. Thieves World, Claire Sterling, Simon and Schuster, 1994, p.202.

7. See, e.g. footnote 25 in Collateral Damage (Part 2): The Subprime Crisis and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001, E.P. Heidner ( 2008 ).

8. U.S. Army Brigadier General Erle Cocke deposition in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York ( April 13, 2000 ); photocopy version provided in "Project Hammer Files," by David G. Guyatt ).

9. Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 by, E.P Heidner ( 2008 ).

10. See, e.g. The Blood Bankers, James S Henry, 2003, Chapter 7; Banking on Dictatorship.

11. US Money Laundering Case Halts Venezuela Forex Trading, Darcy Crowe, Dow Jones Newswires ( March 27, 2009 ) - http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20090327-714177.html

12. The writer challenges the reader to try to find a summary of how the international debt crisis was resolved in 1990.

13. the names of the investors are found in Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001.


15 Collateral Damage ( Part 2 ): The Subprime Crisis and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 by, E.P. Heidner ( 2008 ).


Submitted for review and commentary by,

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website(s), Host



tochiki wrote on October 15, 2010

don't worry, we have tunnels and caves of these historical notes.......


upintelligence wrote on November 2, 2010

An interesting United States District Court ( Michigan ) federal civil case mentioning the GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIET NAM ( GFVN ), Thailand Royal Family, China, Japan, and more surrounding legacy era 1928 Series thru 1934 Series United States Federal Reserve Note interest bearing coupon Bonds, billions of dollars, Department of the United States Treasury, international business companies, foreign offshore bank accounts, domestic United States bank accounts, international master traders, international commitment holders, high-value financial instrument assets, investors, private placement programs ( PPP ), secret trading programs, claimed U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) assets, plus much more ( immediately below ):


Federal Civil Case No.: 00-71800

Judge: Bernard A. Friedman
Magistrate Judge: Virginia M. Morgan

- VIZANTIA-EXCLUSIVE LTD., a foreign corporation,



- KRISTAR INC., a Michigan corporation;

- EYELAND TRADERS LTD., a foreign corporation;

- SPECIAL AIR OPERATIONS GROUP INC., a Colorado corporation;

- DAVID B. CHRISTENSON, individually and as President of EYELAND TRADERS LTD. and KRISTAR INC. and Financial Director of SPECIAL AIR OPERATIONS GROUP INC.;




Plaintiff, VIZANTIA-EXCLUSIVE, LTD. ( hereinafter " Vizantia " ), by its attorneys, PARAD LAW OFFICES P.C., complains of the Defendants, KRISTAR INC. ( hereinafter " Kristar " ), DAVID B. CHRISTENSON ( hereinafter " Christenson " ), PAUL K. BRYAN, individually and doing business as SPECIAL AIR OPERATIONS GROUP INC. ( " SAOG " ); BRYAN GROUP INTERNATIONAL ( " BGI " ) and EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( " ETL " ) hereinafter and cumulatively called " Bryan "; ETL; GORDON NEIL FREESE ( " Freese " ); and, unknown U.S. government co-conspirators, as follows:


1. This Court has jurisdiction over this matter pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1331 and 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1332, the matter involves parties of diverse citizenship and amount in controversy exceeds $75,000.00, exclusive of interest and costs.

2. This Court has personal jurisdiction over the Defendants. The claims asserted arise from the Defendants' transaction of business within the state or the performance of a contract connected to the state.

3. Venue is proper in this district under 28 U.S.C. 1391(a)(1) and (2). The defendants reside in this district or a substantial part of the events giving rise to the claim occurred, or a substantial part of the property that is subject of the action is situated, in this district.


1. At all times pertinent hereto, Plaintiff, VIZANTIA, was a corporation duly organized under the laws of and doing business in the Russia Federation from its principal place of business in Moscow, Russia.

2. Defendant Paul K. Bryan ( formerly, also known as ) Lyle Edward Goeringer, individually and doing business as the RAPID EMERGENCY AIR RESPONSE INC. ( a defunct Colorado corporation hereinafter called " REAR " ); SPECIAL AIR OPERATIONS GROUP INC. ( a defunct Colorado corporation ) hereinafter called " SAOG "; EYELAND TRADERS LTD. an offshore corporation - registered in Antigua, West Indies - hereinafter called " ETL"; an offshore bank BRYAN BANK INTERNATIONAL registered in Antigua, West Indies; and BRYAN GROUP INTERNATIONAL ( a Texas sole proprietorship ) hereinafter called " BGI " residing in Dallas, Texas.

3. Defendant BRYAN became an alter ego of each of his legal entities, or shell companies, by being their sole shareholder, CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, employee, accountant, registered agent, typist, caused to pay no corporate income taxes for each of the entities, paid no personal income taxes, and used his home as the principal place of business.

4. Defendant ETL ( EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ) set up with the Plaintiff’s seed money was transformed into BGI being solely owned and established by Bryan in Dallas, Texas in 1998 as an assumed name company.

5. Defendant ETL ( EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ) under the directorship of BRYAN became a Commitment Holder for eighteen ( 18 ) governments, purchaser of gold for the U.S. Treasury and a manager of $160,000,000,000 Billion to $211,000,000,000 Billion in private funds.

[ Exhibit A: EyeLand Traders Ltd. Summary of October 15, 1997 ]

6 Defendant Christenson, individually and doing business as TRISTAR INC. ( a defunct Michigan corporation) and KRISTAR INC. ( a defunct Michigan corporation ), resides in Dexter, Michigan.

7. Defendant Christenson became an alter ego of his firm KRISTAR, a shell company, by being its sole shareholder, CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, employee, accountant, registered agent, typist, paid no corporate income taxes, and used his home as the principal place of business.

8. Defendant Freese, individually and doing business as CONSOLIDATED TRADE & COMMERCE LTD., a Panama corporation, and FIRST BERKEKEY CAPITAL CORPORATION INC. ( a Texas corporation ) resides in Houston, Texas.

9. Defendants Bryan, CIA Director of Operations who personally knows three ( 3 ) U.S. Presidents, and his subordinate Christenson worked for the CIA and the Presidential Committee ( comprising past U.S. Presidents and government officials ) at all times pertinent hereto.

10. Unknown U.S. government officials associated with Bryan’s enterprise, who promoted Bryan, put him in charge of global financial operations, confirmed Bryan’s affiliation with the CIA in response to his background inquiries, blocked victims’ complaints about Bryan’s illegal actions, concealed his felony convictions and psychiatric records, shared the profits with him, and otherwise conspired with the Bryan’s enterprise in executing its fraudulent racketeering schemes by providing it with logistical, technical, financial, legal, personal, official and geopolitical support.


1. Defendant Christenson promised false high-yield returns to Plaintiff’s intermediary Ruslan Sharif, doing business as GOLDEN CHANNELS ( Dubai, United Arab Emirates ), and to Plaintiff’s CEO, Svyatoslav V. Moskalev ( " Moskalev " ), in his facsimile and telephone communications to them.

2. Based on the fraudulent assurances made in writing and orally at the meeting by both Paul K. Bryan and David Christenson, Plaintiff agreed to invest $300,000 ( $.3 Million ) into the promised High-Yield Secret Programs.

3. Christenson reported to his superior Bryan about the forthcoming Plaintiff’s funds and Bryan opened his offshore firm EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( ETL ) in Antigua and ETL offshore bank account with $2,500.

4. Christenson and Bryan with his assistant Teresa Ann Maestro conducted a 2-day investment explanation meeting with the Plaintiff’s CEO and his colleague in Ypsilanti, Michigan on or about September 26, 1996.

5. After the 2-day meeting ending on or about September 26, 1996 the Plaintiff, by and through its president, Moskalev, signed the 1-year "Agreement for Asset Management Program" ( hereinafter " Agreement " ) believing that Bryan and Christenson acting as a "team" both have signed that Agreement, which they prepared and typed. Exhibit B, Agreement.

6. Pursuant to the Christenson’s fax of September 29, 1996 containing Bryan-provided bank coordinates instructions, Plaintiff unconditionally S.W.I.F.T. wired three hundred thousand dollars ( $300,000.00 USD ) into EYELAND TRADERS LTD. account no. 90165615 at the EUROPEAN UNION BANK ( St. John's, Antigua ) that was opened on September 17, 1996.

7. Bryan received the Plaintiff’s money on September 29, 1996 and spent it as he deemed fit, since Christenson was 'not' the EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( ETL ) account signatory.

8. Bryan had no other cash funds available to him for the EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( ETL ) operations at that period of time, except the Plaintiff’s money.

9. The Defendants, including Defendant Freese who reported to Christenson as a member of the Bryan’s team, made false oral and written representations to Plaintiff by fax and phone that its funds were leveraged and profitably used in Bryan’s managed transactions involving, inter alia:

(a) Repatriation of 1928 Series thru 1934 Series U.S. Federal Reserve Notes from Southeast Asia;

(b) Sale of three hundred and twenty Trillion ( 320,000,000,000,000 IRR) Iran Rials ( at a rate of 4,200 IRR for 1 U.S. Dollar ) held in the Paul K, Bryan’s account No. 0017-903873-001 at the BANGKOK BANK ( Bangkok, Thailand ), pursuant to a 50/50 profit splitting agreement signed by Bryan with Thailand Royal Family;

(c) Fifty billion Brazil Rials ( R 50,000,000,000 billion ) held in BANCO DE BRASIL ( San Paolo, Brazil ) - transaction code FC: 05199701-BRR issued May 19, 1997 - exchanged for U.S. dollars ( EYELAND TRADERS LTD. account no. 1822149173, BANK ONE ( Dallas, Texas, USA );

(d) P 212,000,000 million of non-current 1982 Series Argentina Pesos and 1988 Series Argentina Pesos redeemed for one hundred eighty million and two hundred thousand Dollars ( $180,200,000 million ); etc.

10. Plaintiff could not verify the veracity of the Defendants’ reports, because the Defendants stated that the government-level transactions and high-yield programs were shrouded in secrecy and no public records would be available to Plaintiff for confirmation thereof.

11. Christenson advised Plaintiff in 1998 that he made no investments of Plaintiff’s funds and Bryan misinformed him as to the reported transactions, which only Bryan knew about.

12. Freese communicated with both Bryan and Christenson by phone and FAX, and became a representative of Bryan’s firms ETL and SAOG empowered to open bank accounts, negotiate, enter into agreements and otherwise conduct business affairs on behalf of Bryan’s firms.

13. Plaintiff requested each Defendant to provide the accounting and return of its principal and revenues generated thereon, but received nothing to date.

14. Plaintiff sent its money to Bryan’s ETL account, solely controlled by Bryan, pursuant to Bryan’s and Christenson’s instructions and ETL investment program participation identified in that Agreement.

15. Paul K. Bryan’s total financial control over the Plaintiff’s money created a fiduciary duty on his part and Christenson’s promises to manage Plaintiff’s funds created a fiduciary duty on David Christenson’s part.

16. Defendants breached their fiduciary duty to Plaintiff and knowingly, falsely and maliciously:

(a) Misrepresented to the Plaintiff that Plaintiff will receive funds after one year as stated in the Agreement;

(b) Misrepresented to the Plaintiff that the bank statements will be provided to Plaintiff;

(c) Induced Plaintiff to surrender his funds for the Defendants' exclusive control and use;

(d) Concealed the identity of the ownership of ETL, the parties and actual transactions in which the Plaintiff's funds were used;

(e) Failed to open an account " in Trust benefit of VIZANTIA-EXCLUSIVE LTD. ( " Funder " )" or otherwise to set up a distinct account for the Plaintiff, pursuant to the terms of Agreement;

(f) Converted the Plaintiff's funds for their own purposes; and,

(g) Deliberately entered into a scheme to defraud Plaintiff.

17. Plaintiff did rely upon the Defendants' information, which was material and false, entered into a fiduciary relationship with the Defendants and entrusted them with its funds, and Plaintiff's reliance on Defendants’ representations allowed them to retain custody and control of Plaintiff's money from 1996 to present.

18. As a result of the Defendants' fraudulent misrepresentations, Plaintiff has suffered damages in that Plaintiff has lost its principal amount of $.3 Million, which according to the Defendants' disclosures (a) has generated more than fifty two million dollars ( $52,000,000 million ) from 1996 to present; (b) was used as seed money for EYELAND TRADERS LTD. that became a manager of $211,000,000,000 billion in private and government funds, purchaser of gold and platinum for the U.S. Treasury, Commitment Holder for the U.S. and eighteen ( 18 ) foreign governments; plus Plaintiff lost business opportunities, gains, interest, and other recognized pecuniary benefits.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment against the Defendants KRISTAR, CHRISTENSON, FREESE, ETL transformed into BGI, BRYAN and their U.S. government co-conspirators, jointly and severally, in the sum equal to one half of the ETL profits or at least fifty two million dollars ( $52,000,000 million ), together with profits, gains, interest, and other recognized pecuniary benefits lost by the Plaintiff plus costs of this action.

COUNT II - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization ( R.I.C.O. ) Act 1-14.

The Plaintiff restates and re-alleges paragraphs 1-14 of Count I as if the same were set forth herein as Paragraphs 1-14 of this Count II.

15. The fraudulent schemes of the Bryan racketeering enterprise comprise the defrauding of individuals and companies by inducing them into oral and written contracts, establishing fiduciary relationship with them, and then misappropriating their services, money or paper assets. Exhibit C ( Affidavit of Walter K Schumacher ) and Exhibit D ( Affidavit of Sharen L. Stewart ).

16. The Bryan’s enterprise intimidated the victims of said fraud schemes by death threats and invoking their CIA-based authority and prevented the inquiries as to actual transactions by shrouding them in secrecy hurting the inquirers and forcing the victims to abandon their claim to commission or service compensation, or investment in the high-yield trading programs.

17. The enterprise ringleader Defendant Paul K. Bryan, the Director of Operations of the CIA reporting to the CIA Director, set up a series of "Teams" seeking investment opportunities worldwide and working on a commission basis or pursuant to their CIA assignments.

18. Defendant Bryan widely distributes his resumes stating that he worked for the intelligence services and now purchases gold for the U.S. government, uses offshore entities for high-yield investment programs and financial opportunities, and that he is a manager of $335,000,000,000 Billion ( doing business as " BGI " ) of private and government funds.

19. Defendant David Christenson admitted that Defendant Paul K. Bryan recruited him to work on the CIA ‘fund raising’ and ‘special situation financial transactions’, and that he in-fact became one of the Paul K. Bryan’s Team soldiers.

20. Defendant David Christenson reported to Defendant Paul K. Bryan as his Team, and recruited Defendant Freese to assist David Christenson in completing said transactions.

21. Defendant Bryan with the help of his government co-conspirators intimidated and defrauded its intermediaries, garnered the commission-free all of the monetary funds of investors, and fees for implementing currency exchange ( stabilization ) programs, and pocketed paper assets, which were gathered by and through these teams.

22. Bryan’s enterprise systematically dissolves its firms almost every year to block the racketeering victims’ pursuit of legal remedies.

23. The Defendants operated via a series of shell or dummy corporations having no employees, offices, paying no taxes, or producing anything and having only one purpose to induce the unsuspected victims into agreements and then convert the victim’s money, services or assets.

24. The patterns of the Defendants’ racketeering schemes ( inducing the victims into a fiduciary relationship under a guise of Asset Management Agreements, commission or other type of service agreements with subsequent theft of funds or paper assets ) are exemplified as follows:

(1) North Korea Bank Guarantees valued $4,645,000,000 Billion - Theft of Paper Assets

1. Defendants Bryan and Christenson falsely promised extremely high-yield returns on investments in their secret government programs to Helmut Otto Schramm ( Schramm ), CEO of the humanitarian organization UNIMO GmbH ( Dresden, Germany ), who acted as an intermediary for the North Korea government humanitarian programs backed by the government’s bank guarantees.

2. On January 12, 1996 Christenson and Paul K. Bryan signed an Asset Management Agreement between SAOG and David Christenson, doing business as KRISTAR INC., as Program Consultant, and between REAR and Christenson ( Program Consultant ).

3. These agreements established a financial basis for payment by Bryan of Christenson’s fees for assisting Bryan in trading programs ( under Transaction Code # 15-1396-100112-04 ) that would use a Funder’s assets, given to Bryan’s firms SAOG and REAR, to generate the yield of a minimum four percent ( 4% ) per week.

4. On or about January 14, 1996 Schramm signed an Irrevocable Agreement to Fund ( until March 1, 2004 ) REAR, Irrevocable Assignment of Bank Guarantees assigned to his firm UNIMO GmbH and REAR, Asset Management Agreement and Fee Disbursement Schedule and FAX'd those to Bryan ( residing at that time in Denver, Colorado ).

5. Pursuant to these Agreements signed by Bryan, Schramm and North Korea government officials turned over on January 24, 1996 the eight ( 8 ) original Bank Guarantees ( BGs ) issued and honored by the Foreign Trade Bank of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) to VOLKS AS BANK ( Johannesburg, South Africa ) that gave the Safe-Keeping Receipt DPR001 to Christenson as a representative of SAOG.

6. These eight Bank Guarantees ( BGs ) having a market value of Four Billion Six Hundred Forty Five Million USD ( $4,645,000,000 billion ) and the Safe-Keeping Receipt DPR001 came under exclusive control of Paul K. Bryan for obtaining cash credit lines by pledging the BGs as a collateral, using the funds in trading programs and otherwise profiting from these financial assets.

7. Christenson advised Schramm by fax that Bryan under false pretenses stole the safekeeping receipt and Christenson repeated the story given to Plaintiff that Christenson cannot help the victim because Bryan is responsible for the asset theft.

8. Schramm requested - directly and through his accountant Reinhard Winkler ( Tauberbischofsheim, Germany ) and his interpreter Valentin C. Duarte ( Germany ) - Bryan to either pay Schramm the promised returns on the BG investment or return the Bank Guarantees ( BGs ).

9. Bryan refused to return the Bank Guarantees ( BGs ), FAX'd to Schramm false assurances and paid nothing to Schramm, transaction intermediaries and Korea government.

10. Bryan and Christenson used the same Asset Management Agreement terms as the Agreement signed with the Plaintiff, defrauded the Funder-victim and converted the victim’s assets for their own use and financial benefit.

(2) Plaintiff’s $300,000 Investment - Theft of Funds

Christenson and Bryan induced Plaintiff to surrender its funds ( $.3 Million ) under a guise of high-yield secret government programs, conspired with their co-conspirators to split and use the Plaintiff’s funds to their own and to EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( ETL ) benefit, and paid Plaintiff nothing after a series of false promises.

(3) PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) $3,124,000 Million Investment - Theft of Funds

1. In 1999, Paul K. Bryan and his associates T.J. Miller ( Dallas, Texas ) and Debra Aragon ( San Jose, California ) convinced Sharen L. Stewart, CEO of PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( " PRC " ) ( Paradise Valley, Arizona ) that Paul K. Bryan was the “ Master Commitment Holder “ ( “ Master Trader “ ) for the United States and fourteen ( 14 ) other countries and he did generate High Yields for his clients.

2. Paul K. Bryan assured PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) in telephone and email communications that he was present at G-7 and G-9 governmental meetings as one of the main Presidential advisors and he worked for the CIA (aka) the Company.

3. Paul K. Bryan promised to generate returns in the $27,000,000,000 billion dollar range in 1-year’s time.

4. On March 9, 2000 PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) and Bryan, acting as Director and Trade Manager of his firm BGI, signed the final draft of the Exclusive Trade Management Agreement in Dallas, Texas, and Bryan, thus, entered into a fiduciary relationship with PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ).

5. Pursuant to Bryan’s instructions, PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) transferred on a 2-day basis $3,124,000 million to TARECO INC. account # 31 000 6240, owned by Bryan’s associate T.J. Miller, for further benefit of Bryan’s BGI account kept in the same THE OAKS BANK & TRUST CO. ( Dallas, Texas ).

6. Bryan never placed PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) funds into a trading house pursuant to the Agreement, but rather used them for his own and his co-conspirators’ benefit.

7. Upon the PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) request to show the results of trading or return the funds, Bryan failed to return them and then disappeared.

8. Bryan conspired with his government co-conspirators to defraud the PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) and violated the fiduciary’s duty imposed by the Management Agreement by pocketing PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC ) $3,124,000 million.

(4) SLAVYANY BANK ( Sofia, Bulgaria ) Bills of Exchange - Conversion of Instruments and Money

1. Bryan and Christenson made false promises of high-yield returns on investments in their secret government trading programs to the Bulgaria government needed the funds for its humanitarian needs.

2. On August 27, 1996, Christenson signed an Asset Management Agreement ( Transaction code: 15-082796/ESK-100 ) with ELMAZ 24 Consortium, the Funder of the Asset Management Program benefiting the Bulgaria government, on the terms identical to the Plaintiff’s agreement.

3. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Consortium transferred by mail the Bills of Exchange with a face value of $100,000,000 Million to Christenson for deposit in the account of Bryan’s firm SAOG in the COLORADO NATIONAL BANK.

4. Bryan received these financial instruments issued by the SLAVYANY BANK ( Sofia, Bulgaria ), and at least $30,000.00 in cash extracted from the Bulgaria citizens under false promises.

5. Bryan converted and never returned these Bills of Exchange and money to the Bulgaria company in spite of their requests.

(5) MAKARSKA S.A. Certificates of Deposit ( CDs ) – Conversion of Financial Instruments.

1. On September 2, 1997, Bryan doing business as SAOG asserting to be the Trading Commitment Holder, Buyer and Seller of precious metals, financial instruments and corporate debentures, entered into a Joint Venture ( JV ) Agreement with Jean-Louis Vidalo ( Brive, France ), who relying on Bryan’s false promises gave Bryan his Power of Attorney ( POA ) to use three Certificates of Deposit ( CDs ) for $30,000,000 Million as a collateral to obtain cash credit lines and subsequent investment into trading programs.

2. Vidalo wire transferred these Certificates of Deposit ( CDs ) issued by the NOVACREDI BANK ( Brazil ), for the MAKARSKA S.A., a Uruguay mining company, which deposited $30,000,000 million in NOVACREDI BANK ( Brasil ) for a 4-year period and assigned its rights to the Certificates of Deposit ( CDs ) to Vidalo.

3. Bryan converted these financial instruments obtained under false promises through his associates and used the CDs for obtaining cash credit lines or otherwise for his own and his government co-conspirators’ benefit.

4. Bryan never returned the CDs and paid nothing to the Certificate of Deposit ( CD ) owner.

(6) Debentures of THE WILLIAM MACKENZIE TRUST - Conversion of financial instruments

1. Bryan and Christenson promised high returns from their programs to George R. Dabbs, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a trustee of THE WILLIAM MACKENZIE TRUST, who intended to receive a cash credit line against the Trust’s debenture in order to buy and sell certain negotiable instruments or "enter one of your programs or David’s programs".

2. On behalf of THE WILLIAM MACKENZIE TRUST, Dabbs entered into agreement with Christenson to invest THE WILLIAM MACKENZIE TRUST Gold Debentures and set up an offshore corporation for the income flowing from that investment.

3. Pursuant to Christenson’s request, Dabbs sent by the U.S. mail the Debenture and Gold Delivery Certificate No. WMT No. WMT81744101, a 10-year subordinated, assignable and convertible ( to cash or gold bullion ) debenture for the principal amount of $100,000,000 million, on or about February 18, 1997 to Paul K. Bryan, Director of SAOG, for his examination.

4. Dabbs received a letter of February 27, 1997 from David C. Christenson stating that Mr. Bryan was pleased with Dabbs’ package and Bryan will provide a potential/estimated yield, which could be obtained.

5. In July of 1997, Dabbs was still asking Bryan to set up an offshore corporation to accumulate the promised income and provided the relevant information.

6. In spite of numerous requests to either return the debenture or send Dabbs the revenue generated by pledging these debentures, Bryan gave the Trust nothing.

7. Bryan, Christenson and their co-conspirators converted these $100,000,000 million debentures for their own use, gave false assurances to the Trust by mail, FAX and telephone communications and pocketed these financial assets under false pretenses.

(7) Drivers Olmstead and Sagmoen - Conversion of $.143 [ $143,000 ] Million in Drivers’ Services

1. In September of 1997 Bryan, individually and as the CEO of SAOG, entered into a service agreement with Todd Olmstead and Edward Sagmoen, limousine drivers in Denver, Colorado.

2. These limousine drivers relying on Bryan’s false promises of agreed payment have fulfilled heir obligations under said agreement. Bryan gave false assurances to the drivers via telephone, e-mail and FAX communications and paid them nothing in spite of the drivers’ numerous requests to pay for their services as the parties agreed.

3. The drivers filed suit and obtained a judgment against Bryan in the combined sum of $143,000 that accrued now to more than $180,000.

4. Bryan, who told Todd Olmstead that he was working for the CIA and his boss was George Tenet ( CIA Director ) with Bryan’s co-conspirators acted in concert to convert the services of and did defraud the drivers.

(8) Lender Heini Demmer- Conversion of $6,000,000 Million

1. Bryan made false promises of one-month 100% return to HEINRICH DEMMER, individually and doing business as HEINI DEMMER SAFARIS ( " Demmer " ), through his associates Adolph Kuenzl, Vienna ( Austria ), and Walter Schumacher ( Pompano Beach, Florida ).

2. Relying on these false promises and verification of Bryan’s high-ranking position in the CIA, Demmer wired $2,000,000 million to Bryan’s SAOG account in the COLORADO NATIONAL BANK.

3. Bryan, entered into a Security Agreement on September 12, 1997 to secure Demmer’s interest in the four million dollar ( $4,000,000.00 ) debt.

4. Bryan executed a PROMISSORY NOTE CPN NO./97-2 on September 12, 1997 promising to pay Demmer four million dollars ( $4,000,000 ) on October 15, 1997 - without offset - protest or delay of any nature, and to pay reasonable attorney’s fees.

5. On November 15, 1997, Defendant Bryan executed a COMMUNIQUE and AMENDMENT of PROMISSORY NOTE ref. Code CPN. No./97-2 and irrevocably conceded that he "will instantly and independently honor my obligation and return the full investment plus all the agreed profits / bonus from my other account and sources," and that besides the initial agreed profit of $2,000,000.00, he will pay to Demmer "the additional profit amount of $2,000,000.00 (two million U.S. Dollars)" by no later than November 28, 1997.

6. Bryan signed this AMENDMENT as individual and as Director of SAOG and assured Demmer that "the funds agreed to be paid by myself and my corporation."

7. Bryan acknowledged the receipt of "all funds" on September 22, 1997, communicated false assurances to Demmer by FAX and telephone through 1998, and then disappeared.

8. In spite of Demmer’s numerous requests to Bryan to pay the promised $6,000,000 million Bryan refused to pay and is refusing to pay any money to Demmer.

9. Bryan and his government co-conspirators acted in concert to divert, conceal and convert the Demmer’s funds for their own use and benefit.

(9) 320,000,000,000,000 Trillion Iran Rials ( IRR ) valued $106,000,000,000 Billion - Theft of Cash Notes

1. On or about 1996, Defendants Paul K. Bryan and Christenson with their U.S. government co-conspirators, by and through their Thailand government intermediaries, diverted three ( 3 ) Iraq ships from their course and stole 320,000,000,000,000 Trillion Iran Rials ( $106,000,000,000 Billion ) carried by these cargo ships.

2. The Iran Rials ( IRR ) initially stored in hangars at the U.S. Navy base in Thailand were deposited into the Paul K. Bryan’s SAOG account ( transaction code FC: 081596-IRR ) at the Bangkok Bank ( Thailand ).

3. The Defendant Bryan became the legal owner of the IRR currency, entered into a 50/50 profit sharing contract with the Thailand Royal Family and similar contracts with the GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIET NAM ( GFVN ) and China, and sold the IRR as his own.

4. Bryan and his government co-conspirators never returned the IRR currency or paid any compensation to the currency owners.

(10) Prince Hadji ( Hadji Mohd Al-Alsagof Van Eldik ) - Conversion of sixteen ( 16 ) Argentina Pesos Cash Notes ( valued 12,000,000 Million )

1. In March of 1997, Bryan requested Prince Hadji of North Borneo to give his sixteen (16) Argentina Peso cash notes to Paul K. Bryan under a false promise of "sample evaluation" and payment within four days or return of the notes, if the exchange is not consummated.

2. On March 21, 1997, at Westin Plaza Hotel ( Manila, Philippines ), Norman Dennis Schuermann ( Bryan’s crew member ) received from Prince Hadji ( Rajah of North Borneo ) sixteen ( 16 ) non-current 82/88 Series Argentine Peso Bank Notes for their prior-to-payment authentication with the understanding that the notes will be returned undamaged if they are not paid for in a transaction to be consummated within 4-days.

3. Bryan received these sixteen ( 16 ) notes ( having a face value of 12,000,000 Million Argentina Pesos ), which Mr. Schuermann sent to another crew member Robert A. Killion, who forwarded them to Defendant Bryan by Federal Express ( delivery service ).

4. On May 16, 1997, Prince Hadji ( Hadji Mohd Al-Alsagof Van Eldik ) sent a final written demand requesting Bryan either to pay as agreed or return these notes.

5. On June 6, 1997 Robert A. Killion, a representative of Bryan’s EYELAND TRADERS LTD. ( ETL ) and intermediary in this transaction, FAX'd to Bryan his demand to return the sixteen ( 16 ) notes to Killion.

6. Despite Killion’s and Prince’s numerous requests to return these notes, Bryan refused to surrender them or pay the agreed compensation, thereby misappropriating the notes for his own and his government co-conspirators’ use and benefit.

(11) Alf Kuenzl- Conversion of $1,000,000 Million in Services

1. In September of 1997, Bryan made a false promise to pay $1,000,000 Million to Adolph Kuenzl ( Vienna, Austria ), for finding an investor who would loan Bryan $2,000,000 Million for his enterprise’s currency exchange operations.

2. Bryan proved to Kuenzl that he is in fact is the CIA high-ranking official capable of payment the loan by telling Kuenzl the details of his personal background ( including a past minor legal infraction ) which only the Austria government would know.

3. On September 12, 1997, Bryan and SAOG executed an irrevocable fee agreement promising Adolph Kuenzl to pay Kuenzl’s firm TOP AVIATION SERVICES INC. $1,000,000.00 upon receipt of $2,000,000.00 from the lender Heini Demmer ( Vienna, Austria ).

4. Kuenzl relying on Bryan’s representations facilitated the Heini Demmer transfer of $2,000,000 million to Bryan and made numerous requests to Bryan to pay said $1,000,000 million.

5. Bryan received the Demmer funds in September of 1997 and paid Kuenzl nothing in violation of Bryan’s own written and oral fee protection agreements and assurances.

6. Bryan and his government co-conspirators converted the services of and did defraud the loan transaction intermediary Kuenzl.

(12) Ramona Lee Bryan – Conversion of Assets and Support Payments

Bryan’s ex-wife Ramona Lee Bryan, who financially supported Bryan and became disfigured as a result of the Bryan-arranged attempted murder in 1980 in Colorado, received from Bryan no assets and monthly support payments pursuant to their 1998 divorce decree, or any compensation or support otherwise. Bryan failed to disclose his wealth in their divorce proceedings and refused to pay even $500.00 a month set by the Denver divorce court. Bryan told Ramona that his boss is George Tenet, the CIA Director. Ms. Bryan cannot work now for medical reasons and, consequently, afford litigation against Bryan.

(13) Schumacher, Brady, Killion, Maestro and VaVerka - Conversion of Commissions

Bryan and his government co-conspirators made false promises of payment of transaction commissions to all intermediaries, depleted the intermediaries’ personal assets by forcing them to travel, communicate and develop contacts at their own expense, requested detailed reports, garnished all developed information, used their services, and paid them nothing by alleging that the transaction was not completed, intimidating them by death threats or ignoring the payment pleas.

Examples of the enterprise’s fraud and intimidation perpetrated on brokers:

1. In May of 1997, John VaVerka ( Santa Monica, California ), working as an Argentina Pesos exchange intermediary received three ( 3 ) death threats from Ed Wales [ Howard Edward Wales ], a CIA operative who reported to Robert McCracken, a retired CIA official.

When VaVerka complained to McCracken about the threats, McCracken made a telephone conference with Paul K. Bryan whom he identified as his superior and the CIA Director.

Paul K. Bryan requested VaVerka to prepare a detailed report and walk away from the ARP exchange.

VaVerka complied with this request, walked away from this transaction and abandoned his claim to commissions.

2. Walter K. Schumacher of Pompano Beach, Florida, worked for 2-1/2 years as a member of one of numerous Paul K. Bryan’s crews.

He relied on Paul K. Bryan’s credentials ( verified through many sources ) as the CIA Director of Operations and Director of the governmental entities ( SAOG and ETL ).

To prove his CIA position, Paul K. Bryan told Schumacher about Schumacher’s undercover government activities, which only a few officials in the U.S. government would know.

Schumacher applied his best efforts in providing information to and spent all of his assets for Paul K. Bryan’s enterprise in expectation of promised transaction commissions.

Paul K. Bryan made written and oral promises to pay, gathered all researched data and contacts, but paid him nothing to Schumacher, who could not confirm completion of these transactions due to their secrecy.

3. Peter C. Brady ( St. Petersburg, Florida ), worked for and used his financial resources to support Paul K. Bryan’s enterprise for 4-1/2 years.

Paul K. Bryan confirmed the Bryan-handled completion of 215,000,000 Million of non-current Argentine Pesos and promised to pay Brady his commission of $12,500,000 Million but paid nothing.

Due to the sensitivity of the currency stabilization programs involved in this matter and financial burden associated with the suit against the U.S. government, Brady could not further pursue his claim for commissions.

4. Robert A. Killion ( El Cajon, California ), worked in 1997 as Paul K. Bryan’s crew member in the line of his CIA duties.

Paul K. Bryan confirmed orally and by written communications that the Bryan-handled exchange of 215,000,000 Million of non-current Argentine Pesos was finished and promised to pay Killion his commission of $12,500,000 Million, but paid him nothing.

Killion’s cooperation with Christenson, who temporarily replaced P{aul K. Bryan in overseeing the CIA financial operations and became Paul K. Bryan’s competitor, and Killion’s request for commission payment ensued in a sting operation targeting Killion.

U.S. Secret Service raided Killion’s home and illegally seized and destroyed Killion’s laptop and all his business and personal records.

When Killion complained to the CIA Security Officer about the unusual punishment, Killion’s security clearance was removed.

This resulted in a financial disaster for Killion, a loyal and distinguished U.S. Navy Captain, and his family.

5. Teresa Ann Maestro ( Morrison, Colorado, USA ) worked with Paul K. Bryan from 1996 through 2000 as his Executive Assistant. Bryan promised her commissions arising from every transaction she worked on within these 4-years, including one half ( 50% ) of the PRIME RESOURCES CONSULTING LLC ( PRC - Paradise Valley, Arizona ) funds.

Paul K. Bryan made false promises to pay Teresa, including a promise to buy a castle and give $1,000,000,000 Billion in cash as a wedding gift. Bryan paid her nothing in connection with the transactions she worked on, including 68,000,000,000 Billion Japan Yen exchange for USD, and 50,000,000,000 Billion Brazil Rials exchange for the USD, etc.

6. Paul K. Bryan paid no commissions for services rendered in connection with the exchange of 8,000,000,000,000 Trillion Japan Yen ( $61,000,000,000 Billion USD ) to:

- BRIGHT GRAND INVESTMENTS LTD. ( 7% of the total amount );

- Cheng Siu Fung ( 2% of the total amount );

- Philip J. Hatt ( Plantation, Florida ) $1,000,000;
- ACC ( 1% );
- Robert M. Tonge ( 3% ) of INN FORCE LTD. ( Gdansk, Poland );

- Marek A. Hrycak ( 3% ) of INN FORCE LTD. ( Gdansk, Poland ); and,


In connection with NORTH KOREA Bank Guarantees valued at $4,645,000,000,000 Trillion, to:

- Marina Dreyer of KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LTD. ( Germany ); and,
- Edip Ozkan ( Amsterdam, Holland / The Netherlands ).

25. Defendants acted in concert with their U.S. government co-conspirators to extract, divert, conceal and convert the Plaintiff's and other victims’ assets for the conspirators’ own use and benefit.

26. The above-stated actions of the Defendants violate the "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act" ( RICO ), 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1961, et seq., in that:

a) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, caused to be delivered various communications by deposit at U.S. Post Offices and delivered through the U.S. mail, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1341;

b) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, caused to be delivered various communications or effectuated various transactions, by wire, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1343;

c) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, engaged in various transactions, for the purpose of obtaining monies or funds or other assets under the custody or control of financial institutions to which Plaintiff had entrusted its money, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1344;

d) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, engaged in various transactions, employing spurious and fictitious business entities, to transfer, divert and conceal the funds of the Plaintiff, and to facilitate the theft and conversion of those funds, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1956;

e) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme threatened and tampered with a witness, Teresa Ann Maestro, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1512;

f) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme retaliated against a witness, Teresa Ann Maestro, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1513;

g) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, engaged in various transactions which were subject to the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act and failed to report said transactions in violation of 31 U.S.C. 5316;

h) Defendants, in pursuit of their scheme and for the purpose of executing that scheme, engaged in a pattern of intimidation and threats against the Plaintiff and its officers and employees.

27. Plaintiff re-alleges the paragraph 18 of Count I as paragraph 27 of this Count II.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment against the Bryan’s enterprise including Defendants KRISTAR, CHRISTENSON, FREESE, ETL transformed into BGI, BRYAN and their U.S. government co-conspirators, jointly and severally, in the sum equal to one half of the ETL profits or at least fifty two million dollars ( $52,000,000.00 ), together with interest, statutory damages as allowed under R.I.C.O, reasonable attorney's fees, and costs of this action.


1-14. The Plaintiff restates and re-alleges paragraphs 1-14 of Count I as if the same were set forth herein as Paragraphs 1-14 of this Count III.

15. The Defendants wrongfully exerted their dominion over the money belonging to the Plaintiff by refusing to return the money after Plaintiff's numerous requests for the return of Plaintiff's funds, and thereby have permanently, maliciously and intentionally converted Plaintiff's money to their own use and benefit.

16. Plaintiff re-alleges paragraph 18 of Count I as paragraph 16 of this Count III.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment against the Bryan’s enterprise including Defendants KRISTAR, CHRISTENSON, FREESE, ETL transformed into BGI, BRYAN and their U.S. government co-conspirators, jointly and severally, in the sum equal to one half of the ETL profits or at least fifty two million dollars ( $52,000,000.00 million ), together with profits, gains, interest, and other recognized pecuniary benefits lost by the Plaintiff plus costs of this action.


1-14. The Plaintiff restates and re-alleges paragraphs 1-14 of Count I as if the same were set forth herein as Paragraphs 1-14 of this Count I.

15. Defendants FREESE, ETL, KRISTAR, BRYAN and CHRISTENSON concealed the conversion of Plaintiff's property, and knew or should have known that the property belonged to and converted by them from the Plaintiff.

16. The above-stated actions of the Defendants violate Section 2919a of the Revised Judicature Act of 1961.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment against the Defendants KRISTAR, CHRISTENSON, FREESE, ETL transformed into BGI, BRYAN and their U.S. government co-conspirators, jointly and severally, in the sum equal to one half of the ETL profits or at least fifty two million dollars ( $52,000,000.00 million ), plus treble damages, reasonable attorney's fees, and costs of this action.

Attorney for Plaintiff ( one attorney, of others, for plaintiff )

Boris Parad
PARAD LAW OFFICES, P.C. - Attorneys for Plaintiff
4711 Golf Road, Suite 705
Skokie, Illinois 60076
TEL: (847) 674-1620


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Were any of the aforementioned involved with the $135 billion face value financial instrument documents seized during the Chiasso incident? Anonymous intelligence sources report, "Definitely, yes!"

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