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January 29, 2015

Foreign Fraud Intelligence Cats Under 9 Lives

Foreign Fraud Intelligence Cats Under 9 Lives

by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES - January 29, 2015 - Perhaps, most folks are unable to pick-up on the 'flavor' of Keenan's 'last report', for it may have been just 'too subtle' for most, it resonates very well with 'some' because Neil identified one ( 1 ) character ( Wilfredo Saurin aka The Philippines Phantom ) who the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin ) had researched and published portions about, some of which are now archived, here:


Neil Keenan’s update continues by touching upon a now-legacy ( 2009 ) story ( The Chiasso Bonds Incident ) of which there actually was far-more to tell about than he ( Neil ) or any of his affiliates ever publicly conveyed; information he ( Keenan 'did' discuss 'privately', and although amidst a fanciful mix of additional other stories, only salient portions thereof were researched along with additional information compiled from an intelligence source providing an excellent cross-section of raw comparative intelligence for analysis by Collin, host of the legacy Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website ( Multiply.Com ).

Very little information was reported publicly about this foreign sting operation, and while only one ( 1 ) source ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website ) knew quite a bit, which the U.S. government did, it ( UPI ) never published all the names of individuals involved'; and, to-date, never has – nor any other media outlet to-date released much of anything.

Earlier data, much of which was ‘erased off the internet’ as well as ‘scrubbed even from internet archives’, was in-fact privately archived by Collin who provided limited amounts until his websites were all taken down in late 2012, however while that is being remedied, legacy data is being reassembled and added-to with even newer data, some of which is now reviewable here ( below ):

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence - Briefs ( Archive ):


Unwanted Publicity Intelligence - Video Library ( Archived Clips ):



However, 'that' ( immediately above ) is 'not the complete story' nor 'rest of the story'...

And, on The Chiasso Bond Incident, there was actually so 'much international data spanning several continents with so many players' ( official documented and privately documented within the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy's database of files, which covered many operational transactions that actually began in "2004" leading up-to the "2009" Chiasso Bond Incident proving exactly what was actually occurring in the background ) the public never knew about, nor even Neil Keenan ( himself ), according to his early private e-mail exchanges with Collin who - as only an 'internet acquaintance' - tried shedding light-upon problems to Keenan, which even Keenan ( himself ) was unable to fathom; again, according to those e-mail exchanges initiated by Keenan to Collin shortly after The Chiasso Bond Incident.

Keenan, an affable individual, began an e-mailing Collin who provided cautionary Information alerts warning Keenan of some of the pitfalls dealing with phony asset Claims and the global bank paper tied thereto as well as trading fraudsters plus, promoters of such "intelligence information devices" ( i.e. sophisticated fraudulent investment games ) used to 'garner intelligence' on black-market "Trade Financing" propping-up, amongst other things, "Terrorist Financing" ( 9/11 type terrorist financing ).

Trade Financing, "money-laundering" along with affiliate "money-laundering mules" used by 'affiliates' of the "Master Traders" are in many ( not all ) cases certain philanthropic financiers of black-market international export trade claiming to accommodate humanitarian relief Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ) whose "Export Trade Managers" are actually arranging various types of black-market 'shipments' of terrorist support supplies ( e.g. weapons, munitions, Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMD ) improvised materials for improvised, i.e. irradiated wolfram targets from medical X-Ray machines, bovine anthrax strains from veterinarian laboratories , plus a whole lot more ), and so subsequent to Collin warning about foreign bank paper trading to Keenan, what happened?

Neil Keenan's first ( 1st ) e-mail arrived when Collin was already working as a foreign information asset of the U.S. federal government Intelligence Community ( IC ) involving "semantical operations" Collin only recently began explaining about amidst many foreign cases when interviewed by The Critical Post ( Chicago ) TV broadcast that began airing its series introduction on this particular subject involving a Whistleblower anonymously named "Charlie" ( Paul Collin ), here:


In late 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ), Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ) for Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) client was for years the United States Federal Reserve Bank Branch Office ( Los Angeles, California, USA ) where for years DHS ICE OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones ( also known as ) Nick Jones who initially sent Collin e-mail notification that Collin's "Unwanted Publicity Intelligence" website ( internet platformed by Multiply.Com subsequent to purchasing it from MSN.Com where Collin began his website in 1998 ) was "unintentionally interfering with a federal investigation." Collin replied after CIA-DOJ Squad Six ( Portland, Oregon, USA ) gave Collin a 'green light' to proceed with S.A. Nick Jones.

At first, DHS requested Paul Collin to remove the name "Neil Benjamin Gibson" from the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website, then remove that name from anywhere else Collin had posted that name in-conjunction with any and /or all foreign or domestic bank fraud, money-laundering, counterfeit high-value bank paper, trading and /or any and all manipulations of such.

Next, DHS requested Paul Collin to remove the name "Neil Benjamin Gibson" from 'other people's websites' that Collin was 'not in control of' so, Collin used a series of intelligence operations pretexts to accomplish that assignment too.

Then DHS requested Paul Collin to let the U.S. government control the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website because it was "eclipsing" ( overshadowing, clouding, darkening ) their global operations.

Collin eventually discovered that the information he removed about one ( 1 ) 'global bank paper fraudster' actually worked undercover for the U.S. federal government as a non-official cover ( NOC ) foreign intelligence operative, which was one ( 1 ) thing, but Collin simply turning over his Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website to allow DHS to do whatever they wanted and say whatever they wanted while Collin would be made instantly out as whatever the government wanted to paint for the public, Collin instantly saw a 'big problem' on the horizon with 'that' ( alone ).

Collin knew the U.S. government wouldn't quit until it got whatever it wanted so, Collin used an intelligence pretext on the U.S. government, which he 're-routed' by making it what at-first appeared to be an extremely attractive counter-offer it could 'not' refuse.

The Critical Post ( Chicago ) second ( 2nd ) broadcast on the subject of an elderly woman [ Jean Haines ] bilked out-of what amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars by an organization led by a man named Neil Francis Keenan was the topic that brought about Collin's first ( 1st ) 'interview' as the 'anonymous' "Charlie" broadcasted, here:


Anonymous "Charlie" was finally exposed, by The Critical Post ( Chicago ) Chief Editor Scott Pollack, here:


Unbeknownst to Keenan, Collin was working with the U.S. government accelerating duties for U.S. DHS ICE HSI OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones who Collin was providing raw bits and pieces for Homeland Security Intelligence about a foreign and domestic terrorist network Collin identified using intelligence pretexts targeting an Islamic fundamentalist cleric and sudative e-mail account revealing close members of a terrorist network operating out-of several countries, some of whom Neil Francis Keenan later met with, was discovered by Collin prompting Collin to check with DHS HSI OSI S.A. Nicholas Jones as to Neil Francis Keenan, and when Nick Jones sent Collin an e-mail about Keenan, Collin knew Keenan was indeed working for the U.S. government.

Simple, really, just like what occurred with Neil Benjamin Gibson. Two ( 2 ) Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) intelligence assets of the U.S. government. Interestingly of all was the fact Neil Keenan publicly admitted Benjamin Fulford first revealed publicly that Neil Keenan worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ), which Keenan simply laughed off.

The problem is not whether Neil Keenan is an informant for the U.S. government, but more-so, what is the U.S. government doing albeit via "Global Immunity" by allowing its intelligence information assets to defraud innocent people out-of hundreds of thousands of dollars and euros, which is 'not' an "isolated incident" because the U.S. government allowed Neil Benjamin Gibson to do the exact same thing.

Collin was supposed to be paid only his daily living expenses of $1,000 per month, which he never received from DHS Special Agent Nicholas Jones who initially offered Collin their "Rewards Program" that was far more money based on a 'percentage of recoveries' not to exceed $500,000 ( USD ) in any one ( 1 ) year.

It's now quite obvious that Collin wasn't tasking foreign government assignments for "the money" because he received none for years.

What got Collin miffed was the fact he provided his labor for years to the U.S. government and they stiffed him so bad financially that he ended-up homeless on the street, a fact that even Neil Francis Keenan, Michael Henry Dunn, Michael Calhoun and many-many more can attest too. Hence, as Collin received donations from people to just remain alive on the streets of Los Angeles, others in-essence were like the dish who ran away with the spoon - leaving Collin to flounder after years of devotion. For what?

Countries where terrorists were tied to counterfeit bank paper operations were identified by Collin for DHS HSI, were not limited to, specifically included:

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Indonesia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Malaysia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Philippines;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Singapore;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Spain;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Turkey;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Bulgaria;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Latvia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Russia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- Germany;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- England; and,

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

- United States.

Collin not only recovered signal traces of ELINT ( Electronic Intelligence ), he fed, amongst other things supplied, e-mail account extractions of 'fraudulent support documents' containing 'counterfeited official seals' tied to international financial fraudulent investments in counterfeit high-value gold bullion asset bank paper certificated support documents, one of many, which included a ‘very particular version’ of a set number of paper pages ( including, Addendums ) entitled the “Green Hilton Memorial Agreement” ), which Collin immediately recognized and sent to his "handler."

Collin fed about "12" international cases to his U.S. DHS ICE OSI S.A. Nick Jones, and this time not only was 'he' ( Jones ) "eclipsed" but the U.S. antiquated "global operations" was overwhelmed too when U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( many of whom overseas are on-loan C.I.A. agents ) couldn't keep up with all the cases Collin was sending them en-masse, and e-mails document this along with the fact 6 'additional foreign cases' were already vetted by Collin and on his intelligence launch-pad for U.S. federal government overseas operations, but then something suddenly went wrong.

DHS ICE OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones disappeared later claiming he was “reassigned” when another DHS agent got killed in Mexico.

Neil Keenan was fiddling around with high-value asset bank paper deals in Mexico around the same time so, maybe DHS S.A. Nick Jones in The Greater Los Angeles Area just drove 2-hours to DHS at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Miramar near San Diego, California bordering Mexico to try and tidy-up additional business issues.

Collin sent his Washington, D.C. attorney after DHS ICE Agent Nick Jones, and years later all S.A. Nicholas Jones could do was blame delays in paying Collin after years of service was, that DHS ICE OSI was doing its best to get Collin paid but OSI Agent Nick Jones continued blaming U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch for dragging its heels overseas on what Collin already provided that they ‘still’ couldn’t handle after Collin vetted foreigners and established introductions to DHS ICE OSI Special Agent Nick Jones, which he was actually flipping over to U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( CIA ) agents who weren’t pressed to do anything for DHS because of all the in-fighting ‘there’ as well as with Justice ( DOJ ) too. SS-FB does well with Treasury and CIA-DOJ but not DHS or fo0r that matter other organizations either.

Fact is, Collin 'never got paid' so, Collin assembled a dossier on his U.S. federal "handler" Special Agent Nicholas Jones who had priors of double-crossing not only information assets but other federal intelligence agents as well, and so Collin taking on dirty deed assignments while being uncharacteristic is an evil necessity for some; except, Collin not caring one way or another anymore after 40-years in the foreign intelligence business without any serious “payment” ‘issues’.

Collin decided to exercise what his U.S. intelligence school taught many years ago where the first thing one learned in old school was survival.

Living long enough, to see another day, when - on a more level battlefield - one may win.

Batter's Up, Boys!

Collin found evidence Neil Keenan, who although 'was' a former "Person Of Interest" to U.S. intelligence, was 'no longer' a "Person Of Interest," and so while Collin was wondering 'why', very shortly later Collin found out when Keenan left his wife in Bulgaria settling in Indonesia working with individuals whom Collin's ‘intelligence provided exclusively’ to U.S. DHS ICE OCI Special Agent Nick Jones who was 'supposed to be contacting' certain individuals operating in and out-of Indonesia tied to the terrorist network.

Collin, never received what he was promised from his U.S. government "handler" so, efforts for DHS, ICE, OSI were disbanded altogether when he discovered S.A. Nick Jones lied about Keenan cutting a business agreement with the U.S. government supplied 'information' as-to 'whom' all Keenan's 'new contacts' became overseas, which began with the secret police in Bulgaria.

Important to know, Indonesia holds a population nearly as big as the United States of America and is dispersed throughout about 6,000 islands, and has been and continues being what the U.S. Intelligence Community and others know as being a melting-pot of Islamic radical militant fundamentalists led by Muslim clerics most of whom are terrorist sudatives and students of whom the latter possess a lot of energy to not only higher learning but also schooled in politics and study means by which authoritarian control and legislation their forefathers 'violently objected to' are schooling youthful energetics today brought to boils worldwide where 'today' it doesn't take many student movements to overthrow stabile economies of third world underdeveloped and / or developing international regimes as seen publicly broadcasted daily.

Many are unaware the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ), Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ) have "client" 'investigative relationships' with many organizations not only within U.S. federal organizations extending domestic protection to their federal client's clients overseas, and the extent by which foreign support nations and assets are deemed "key-critical" to the stability of the socio-economic U.S. infrastructure worldwide.

One ( 1 ) such 'client' of DHS divisional Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) OSI is the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Branch Office in Los Angeles, California, USA and elsewhere, including abroad.

International business financial trading transactions involving certain Treaties, tied-to, amongst other things, balances of 'agricultural commodities' and 'other commodities', also include U.S. National Strategic Defense Material Reserve Resources tied to more than U.S. National Defense Petroleum and Liquid Natural Gas ( LNG ) Reserves ( southeast corner of Anaheim Street & Vermont Avenue, San Pedro, California ), but much more around the world to include foreign precious metals, mining activities, and much-much more.

Since details of this is rarely ( if ever ) broadcasted by mainstream news organizations, the general public never hears anything about even the concepts of what occurs when most are punching clocks at their 9-to-5 jobs; and, the U.S. government would prefer its enemies, including U.S. citizenry taxpaying people, 'never know', and another case of this can be reviewed here:


So, the aforementioned is now introduced, why?

Because when it comes to U.S. bottom-line secret budget requirements to get corporate laundry done out-of public view, it doesn't want people knowing because of complexities involved much of the public are never taught about certain bigger pictures; a classic example of this was revealed amidst U.S. Senate hearings involving the Iran-Contra Affair where the U.S. government was 'not counting on what began' here:


And, what the U.S. government was 'not counting on', was blowback from ole Uncle "Charlie"

Information intelligence, as what involved a shipping magnate not cooperating with certain corporations, amongst other things, led to the arrest of one ( 1 ) elderly individual named Alessandro Santi of Milan, Italy; a man dead-off involved in The Chiasso Bond Sting Incident.

Now, did the Bloomberg News, Kyodo News, BBC News, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, ABC News, CNN, or for that matter even RT News ( also known as ) "Russia Today News" mention anything publicly about 'that', or the fact that The Chiasso Bond Incident "Sting" actually 'began' prior to "2004" ( almost 5-years beforehand ) when U.S. government foreign intelligence agents were being assembled for that 'sting'? No.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg0Kn8kw2Zs ( Bloomberg News on June 18, 2009 )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttSmZknU9mI ( FOX News on June 17, 2009 )

People didn't know, nor did Keenan know anything about the 'back story' leading up to his meeting with the two ( 2 ) Japanese men and another Turkish gentleman whose brother works for Turkey intelligence services in "Bulgaria" where Keenan was living at the time he met all the CIA players.

People, from all audiences, from mainstream to alternative to conspiracy theory people simply 'do not know' even a smidgen of the 'real story', which was 'never told' - 'yet'.

Rich Cats With More Than 9 Lives?

Knowing, what Collin 'says' he "knows" about The Chiasso Bond Incident, the story David Wilcock wrote about was actually and truly "disinformation" focusing only upon sheer fanciful stories designed by Benjamin Fulford to Neil Keenan who enlisted the fraudster story-teller of them all, Keith Francis Scott. Classic examples of such unbelievably entertaining stories bordering on bizarre ( at worst ) being promoted for audience viewership can now be watched ( below ):

Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock ( introduction? ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbeBNe3Oml4 ( December 2, 2011 )

Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock ( death threats? ):


Benjamin Fulford ( death threats? ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jumpioK4aRg ( December 14, 2011 )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32OvDd5rzuU ( March 21, 2011 )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxTA_STaoG8 ( January 13, 2012 )

David Wilcock ( death threats? ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCiC7A47GCw ( December 12, 2011 )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU-NyoyVC54 ( December 14, 2011 )



Keith Francis Scott ( death threats? ):


Neil Francis Keenan ( death threats? ):

“… Following this, Keenan was approached by a who’s who of powerful figures including top Vatican officials, Wall Street bankers, European nobles and former US presidents, most offering him astronomical bribes to go away. He was also poisoned with ricin and nearly killed.

According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals.”

Many of the bonds seized by Dal Bosco are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners. …”


Team Keenan Group ( death threats? ):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBUoZX6oQ0Y ( August 9, 2014 )

Keenan, through Fulford enlisted the promotional services of David Wilcock who used the ghost-writing talents of Michael Henry Dunn who went to Indonesia where he was fraudulently schooled by Neil Keenan who was fraudulently schooled by Keith Scott, and - 'voila!'  -  Wilcock's so-called "book," which by the way Neil Keenan solicited Collin to write in the first place - eventually saw Wilcock become Fulford's sucker by-proxy Michael Dunn who was "Communications Director" of the now-infamous "Keenan Team" Show.

If the 'full story' is ever written about The Chiasso Bond Incident, it would blow everyone's mind. I can assure you, it 'is' truly an international spy saga that goes way-way beyond what anyone knows anything about; and, when they look-back at what they got from Wilcock's book "Financial Tyranny" they will understand it better as serving a rather clever U.S. government disinformation campaign. And, the bottom-line, is?

What jokers purposely put in-place to distract public audiences away-from what the real focus of operations involved; but, if only you and the rest of the public only knew.

 Neil Keenan, in his report, wraps-up his fanciful tale ( reminisced chronologically ) by summarily submitting his defacto or dejure 'farewell'; personally 'thanking all those whom he ever came in contact with ( only those 'publicly known' whereas I have the list of 'all' ) by 'dwelling on his personal note of thanks' to all, here:

[ NOTE: salient portions ( below ) ]

- - - -

NeilKeenan.Com )

January 26, 2015

"... Neil’s Team investigated all this and when he found the notes were

real he started to breathe a little easier seeing that his notes were

from the same package. The Chiasso Incident allowed Neil to move

forward with his lawsuit. It would lead to what is known as “Financial

Tyranny.” [

http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny ]


Neil needs no thanks nor does he ever ask for any but thanks to:

- Benjamin Fulford ( for bringing this first to everyone’s attention

and making the statement that this could be the case that “ENDS

FINANCIAL TYRANNY”; and ( then ),

- David Wilcock ( immortalizes it with his work FINANCIAL TYRANNY ).


Neil Discusses the Ambassador and Marcos / M1 -

How many times must we fall into our own weaknesses and follow a wolf

in sheep’s clothing?

In my time, we had:

- Keith Scott;

- [ Jean Haines ] ( Removing The Shackles );

- Anthony Martin (aka) ASM ‘White Spiritual Boy' ( then );


- [ Ray Chhat Dam ] OITC;

- SwissIndo; and ( now this ),

- Red Dragon Ambassador ( another 'White Spiritual Boy' - ASM -

ASBLP nonsense ).

We have no more time to fight with impersonators any longer. Our time

must be considered precious and used accordingly.


Personal Thanks from Neil -

I want to take this opportunity, to thank:

- Benjamin Fulford;

- David Wilcock;

- Sterling Seagrave;

- Stanley;

- Rich;

- [ William ] Bill Mulligan ( attorney );

- Michael Henry Dunn;

- Inchul;

- Michael Calhoun;

- Rob;

- Chris;

- Lorraine;

- Richard;

- Shirley; and ( thanks to ),

- Keith Scott ( for sharing so much knowledge ), ( thanks also to );

- Drake [ Drake Kent Bailey ];

- Thomas; and all of

- Cosmic Voice.

It also can’t go without saying thanks, to:

- Bonsu Soekarno ( so much knowledge and understanding in one

amazing man );

- Eddie Seno Soekanto ( a wonderful and witty man who can

recite the history of all global matters off the top of this head );

- the head of the Soekarno Trust;

- the Prince;

- Arief;

- Nakarene; and, many others including

- Generals; and,

- Politicians.

Thank you:

- Sultans;

- Elders ( for putting up with me ); and ( most especially ),

- Count Albert ( for being there always with Family support when

I need it ).

And I am speaking of the real Dragon Family [ ( also known as )

"White Dragon Society" interalia Benjamin Fulford ], the one that

blows fire not just hot air.

And as always, many thanks to:

- Nelu;

- Jo; and,

- The Keenan Team; and, our newest teammate

- Mark.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. You know who you

are and don't worry, you will be remembered in the movie ... ha ha
ha ...


- -

Perhaps, ole boys, perhaps. <wink>


Paul Collin, Host

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence





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